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Can it be used even when pc is offline and will I be able to run anything on android that i can on the pc ? Surprisingly

Great when it works. But most of the time I get a black screen when launching a hist app om Mac Sierra!!! Pretty good

App is awesome but I give it 4 out of 5 because it is not poor-internet friendly like... At all! It literally takes like 5 minutes just to connect to my laptop and when it finally does, every click and thing I do on the phone has a lag of about 30 secs to a minute. Is there any way to make this work with a 3Mbps internet connection? :( Worth a go!

The app works very well, easy to install and set up. Just doesn't quite do what I wanted. I want to run a very small win32 password app on my andriod phone, I can see the exe file but can't run it. Some suggestions would be appreciated. Just wow

Promising but.... Interesting approach but it insists on rearranging my Mac desktop by switching my two monitors to mirrored mode and same resolution as each other. 5 star

Really work I use this app to monitor my PC and iMac from my Android Tablet. This app really does its job flawless. Must have

I really heard that it was good but I barely downloaded it and I don't know anything about this So please be more specific and please make it work and you guys will be the best. I need to use this for clash of clans Worth a go!

Works very well Low ratings for this are most likely just individuals conveniently being able to find an excuse for there own computer inadequacies. It works very well and performs its function so five it is love it

Can't move the mouse pointer. Have Parallels Access installed on a Windows 10 computer. When I open the app, connect to my computer, and go into desktop mode, I'm not able to move the mouse pointer. In fact I can't even see the file explorer when I open it with the handy dandy shortcut. It appears everything works when I'm looking at my monitor, just no feedback on my android device.

Removed the Google sign in I've been using this app for a while now and the new update removed my way of logging in. Google sign in was fast and easy for me to access. Please help me by adding it back in.

Great over WiFi useless over mobile network When connected to a stable WiFi network there are no issues, however, it performs terribly under your mobile network. Truthfully, you can't help if mobile networks are unstable but it would be cool if it worked better.

Great idea but unusable. The mouse cursor is so far off you cant click on anything. Lags pretty bad even when on same network. Will not open windows 8 metro apps.

Excellent Access my home Windows machine from Firefox on work Ubuntu platform as fast as being there. Also from iPhone 6+ and iPad, and Android tablet. Fast, stable, and you can't do all that from chrome remote.

This app is a life saver Do you sometimes need an old document or email when you're miles from home? This app gives you full and lag free control of your remote Mac from your Android phone over 4G or Wi-Fi. It just works! Much better than some other remote apps I've tried in the past, too.

Nearly the best I love it, but I cannot find a way to rearrange the computers in my list. It is not alphabetical.

Best of all the remote access applications Works wonderfully on my Note Pro, and I love the fact that the default only shows you the application you are using (and a list of applications available) as opposed to shrinking my desktop down to the point it's hard to use. The update to version 2.0 has made this not only a useful application, but the best of the bunch. Compared to LogMeIn or GoToMyPC, it's the cheapest of the services as well.

Awesome This works great. I never thought the input would be this fast and showing people stuff on my computer screen remotely has been been this easy. This is really awesome!

Sign-in screen doesn't work I wish I could give this 0 stars. On my HTC One M8, the app startup screen shows Register and Sign In options. When I select "Sign In" and type in the username and password, the Sign In button doesn't activate. It is still greyed out and I cannot use it. How does this app have so many 5 star ratings? I'm annoyed, developers! UPDATE: I got in touch with the responsive Parallels Support team over twitter, and after some troubleshooting, it would seem that unless the username is in lowercase, the sign in button doesn't get enabled. As a software developer and a corporate trainer, I expected better handling of such a trivial case by the developer team.

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