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Wow I'm so amazed.!!!! It was really easy to add my accounts, you don't need multiple phones anymore, what you need is an app that can provide you with multiple accounts on one phone Great!

I think this app is taken control of all app in my lyf mobile it's hanging out my contact, messages, wattsup, many more, etc ...... Plz get back with this issue. I am uninstalling this right now Brilliant

Loved the app, everything was great.I would want to suggest you developors to make it conpatible with 4:3 ratio Android tablets.That you'd b great if you do so. 5 star

Berguna sekali, ketika akan buat account baru, entah itu game ataupun app lainnya, terimakasih developers Must have

This game is very worst please friends don't s download this app please This game is waste your time and net friends Must have

It crashes with the latest Samsung Android update on 14th Feb 2018. Please help to fix soonest. Surprisingly

It is very useful app by this you can make one more account and enjoy really I like it very much love it

Good one but if we delete the real app the clone one will also gets deleted. Download it Amazing!

I'm realkg happy becoz this is a perfect app if u have 2 use multiple accounts.... Fabulous!

I like the fact of what it does it makes me enjoy myself a lil bit more because their is more of a variety of things I can do on one app Worth it!

its really amazing if you have more than one business so you don't have to carry mobile simply install this app and you can easily use your different accounts on your same phone. Good

Good app but very bad in side advertising. Reduce advertising and get 5 Star from all Worth it!

Whenever i wanted to link my coc account with my gmail its crashing..... So what should i do??? Well done!!

This app is great for playing 2 accounts in one device.There is no lags or glitches it is perfect. Perfect

Thank for giving use this app which makes us to feel multiple happiness like multiple accounts Marvelous

Works well, needs an "off" switch to actually quit the app and all services when not in use. Tends to "call home" a lot as well.. Would also be nice to add encrypted storage as a security feature. Great!

Hey team, why is it suddenly not showing pop up to enter password everytime I open app? Well done!!

Its a good app but not working properly fast as orignal whatsapp. Orignal whatsapp opend in a glance but thia one taking time round abt 10 sec 5 star

Good app but i have this one problem when using this app. I cloned the app Mobile Legend n then i enter the game. Sadly when i enter it, i tried to connect to Google play games but the apps become laggy. N it got out suddenly. Please fix this. Thanks. I still support y'all 100% Muito bom!

I love this app my phone is Redmi note 4 coc game not working multi account that why I am download this app and then I have 4 coc account with connected play games thanks for it Not bad

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