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So I tried to get rid of the annoying ads by purchasing the Lifetime package. However, my MasterCard keeps getting declined every time I inputted it. Is there any reason why? The ads are really annoying Great!

Advertisements are far too agressive. Sometimes I cannot leave the advertisement, and 15-second advertisements are overkill Perfect!

Great app does what it is supposed to. On the other hand, at times my second WPP account does not push notifies me until I manually access the app in parallel space. If that were fixed, the app would be perfect. Worth it!

I think it's ok because it doesn't work for some apps but it works for others witch is very annoying Works great

The app does the job as claimed but the app experience is sluggish and buggy for some reason. The duplicated app remains slow to respond and crashes often. Also the ads appear every time on launching and closing Parallel Space. Recommend

I am just too excited to have this app, its making wonders for me. Thanks to the innovators. may My God bless you mightily Pretty good

When i open the apps. It run too slow. And i've got no notification for the new message. So i have to open the app everytime to checking is there any new message in my whatsapp. Just wow

Please... Help me.. I unexpectedly lock this app using this app's pattern lock itself.. now I forgot pattern.. help meee please Highly Recommend.

Please,remove annoying,plz developer giving trial one month before subcribe. 5 star

This would save you the stress of switching phones or confusing work with leisure. I love it Flawless

I love this app! It lets me use the feature second space, which makes it fun to play multiple accounts! Now, I can have two accounts of Pokémon GO so I can play my first original account and my backup. Also, I can use YouTube for two accounts at the same time! Aha! (Haven't played it yet, but was expecting hood things) Worth it!

Good for older phone versions where you can't duplicate apps, however it's full of advertisment! and not the ones where you can ignore, you're forced to watch them Go well

Not bad but i can't bind my mobile legend account with my google play,fb,vk or moonton account hope you fiz it Awesome

It's useful for playing COC different base. It is also useful for using 2 what's app at a same time in one mobile Brilliant

It isn't entirely a bad application. Other than the ads, it serves its purposes flawlessly Highly Recommend.

After the new update recently I'm unable to open any copied apps and can't use incognito installer to download any new apps. It works terribly now. Pretty good

Nothing but superb for app clone specially when someone has no girlfriend and want to show descent& macho guy among friends circle by cloning social app show off great impression about girlfriend oneself writing incredible messages and making jealousy to other....Fabulous Surprisingly

Guys, I love your app But Please remove the useless advert and pop up screens. We know you got to make money out of the advertisement but your app will be wonderful without it Brilliant

This app have update issues. The apps in parallel space does not get updates. Like facebook and messanger in my phone have updated version but the one in parallel space have older version. Please fix this i will update the star. Marvelous

This app is really good at what it does, it takes apps, cleans them and makes them run much smoother, however this app does have some really bad lag. It Also freezes and occasionally force closes. Definitely needs an update really badly Marvelous

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