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I use Parallel Space for Whatsapp. I always have to open the apps twice to use it. First click, ads will pop up. When I close the ads, then it get back to the homescreen, so I have to click it again to open the app. Please fix this. Worth it!

Before I installed it I readed all the reviews.. some are bad, but for me has work fine!. No problem what so ever!. In fact I love it!. Worth a go!

This app allows you to do exactly what it says it can do. You can have multiple accounts for the same app online, or just have multiple accounts on the same phone. It works really well when a friend loses thier phone, and has a backup file on your phone. Great job

Giving this app a good rating for the work it does but I am facing "app not working" issue on my Android 8.1.0. Perhaps there is compatibility issue. Well done!!

It's great, except for the tremendous battery drain. And the app will periodically start by itself automatically, running in the background and killing my battery. Go well

Don't show the adds... And plese make fast to apen the apps... They are taking more time to open ... Marvelous

When open YouTube and press the value key up the device turn off ... please fix it wow lol

Consumes a little more resource of your device but is worth it. After all it does what it says... Perfect!

Its nice and easy to use but the incognito installation isn't working help me if possible... Highly Recommend.

Does what it advertises. The ads can get a bit annoying but i guess it is a fair trade off for being free. Flawless

This aap is so much good... Because it has security system and gives you multiple acoount facility and much more... I think this app is good than other app Good

Overall experience was not good. Cloned apps run slower than the original apps.Too many adds. Worth it!

Its really helpful. I can manage different accounts in one phone. I save so much time in loging in. Fabulous!

This app is very good but one bug is there i.e. the whatsapp account get crashed repeatidly Worth it!

Great app but takes too long to start .... but its its only app available for multi account... have got no choice Great job

It's a best app to have more then one accounts like whatsapp,instagram and many more.. Highly Recommend.

I love this app very much... And want it to improve even better.. Thankz for this apps.. Good

Only problem is that multiple cloning is not allowed and incognito installation does not work for apks. Also, if you use incognito installation and delete the main app, reinstall the main app and redelete the main app, the cloned app doesn't get deleted for the first time (when you are officially asked to delete the main app) but gets deleted the second time (when you reinstall and redelete the main app). Please provide an update to improve these problems. Highly Recommend.

زبردست ایپ ہے خاص کر اپ اسیں فیس بک اور وٹس ایپ ڈال دیں اور جس وقت اپ ایپ اان کریں گے سارے نوٹیفکیشن اسی وقت اائیں گے اور سارے دن کی ٹر ٹر سے بھی جان چھوٹ جائے گی I Love this app Worth it!

Helpful app, using it for Viber. Sometime it slows the notifications but it is rare thing. Must pay to get rid of all adds but it is not a big of a hustle. love it

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