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Well, actually I really love this app coz I can play 2 game accounts simultaneously. BUT, the thing I hate most are : 1. This app needs basically almost all of your permissions to run, doesnt care even though the app you want to use, actually doesnt need those permission. 2. Most of times, the notifications only ring when I open this app. Closing it means no notification, even though I already made sure that the notifs are allowed. 3. Despite that the developer said the one which consumes memories is app that you install in it, BUT I do think that this apps consumes a lot too. Because I only install 1 app in it and it consumes high memories in my ram, even though the real app itself only consumert normal ram. Other than those thing, which I hope to be fixed, this is the best app for double accounts for a game. Also, I dont think the ads are annoying as others said. Those are just normal. Thank you developers, hope you fix those things, improve more, and I might consider to buy the full version. Amazing!

It is good since I can have two accounts for dragon project but it is causing the game to show down and eventually cause some of my apps to crash. How do I use speed mode? Perfect

If it doesn't show that the notification has come from a particular App... So that no one can c it until he has entered into PARALLEL SPACE! Works great

Very cool app, when my hubby lost his phone he wanted me to install WhatsApp on his pc I have been trying for days now but I heard about parallel space and thought let me try this and voila!!! It works and it's wonderful so both my hubby and I are happy about it ..... Good job !!!! Works perfectly

This is awesome. I can easily manage my multiple accounts with parallel space. This app have too many adds. Fix this problem Amazing!

This application is a wonderful necessity that I never knew I needed! If you like a game, but made poor choices at the beginning and would like to restart WITHOUT losing the data from your current game - use Parallel Space to clone your game. You get the best of both worlds! Personally, I have a Facebook for family members and a separate one for coworkers/friends - this allows me to get real time notifications without constantly logging in and out, back and forth, between the two! This is a great idea with an improvable (but still good) execution. The ads are a bit annoying, but understandably a necessary evil for a free version. I am probably going to pay the extra fee for an ad-free experience. As much as I use the application, it is worth a dollar or three. Great!

When I make a video call using earphone on whatsapp , the headset feature doesn't work. But it does work on voice call through whatsapp(parallel space) and in the main whatsapp(video call) too. Please remove this bug . I have to make video call through main whatsapp. Works great

My only problem with this app (free version), most times the my clone app doesn't bother to open after ads. I don't mind the ads, which comes up every time I open the clone, because the service is worth it. It's definitely a great app especially with dual SIM phone. Recommend

Can't sign on to Snapchat it most likely not the app it's most likely the new Snapchat update but would be nice if you guys can fix this problem Superb!

Very usefull app I liked this one very much Now i can use two whatsapp accounts in my phone one as personal another one for official Thank you LBE tech Great!

Awesome app. I can now be logged inot multiple Facebook accounts and messenger. Which is important to me as I run a business and use different accounts to post ads about a business. Highly Recommend.

This is a very good app. I did not find any inconvenience while using it. I recommend it for everyone who requires privacy. It has double of everything and I love it. Not bad

all is good but one i didn't saw notification on my whatsapp please fix it any one know about similar app tell me Fantastic

Great app but some time stoped. But the most easy best and no hanging mobile app is parallel space Marvelous

Why is my clash of clan can login in this.when i connect to google account it says it is not supported in your android mobile why is this happining help me out fast! Flawless

I want two whatsap accounts, i have no idea searching online this app comes really help for me Muito bom!

Honestly this is a very surprisingly application that I strongly recommend if your IP is acting up. When running in background, it doesn't even slow your phone at all and I like the idea of it being ad free, this is what every users wants when they are having difficulties and don't wanna deal with misleading apps. This one has met it standards and I really recommend it Works great

Sometimes it hangs your phone alot,also shows many ads while opening anything... Great job

This app was good intiative but too much ads. Now a days manufacturers add this is as a feature in their customized Rom. No ads no slow performance. Uninstalled successfully after updating to Samsung experience 9.0 using dual messenger. But still it's a one free good app for users need more than 2. Thanks once again Flawless

everything is good in this app but I face only one problem in this app i.e. I use this app for whatsapp I have to skip ads many time untill I close the ads it comes again back to the home page. please look after it. Fabulous!

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