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Multiple account for any app Very good app for those who wish to keep office and personal accounts separate for whatsapp ,viber and other such apps. Great job

Very nice app Such m bhot aachi app h ek saath do do whtsapp account wo bhi ek hi phone m its must have app in dual sim phone ... Thx to maker Enjoy it!

I love this app Very nice application.. Useful application... Don't forget to install.....superb application.. Works perfectly

Very usefull App I was searching for an App which will help me to use 2 account of whatsApp.. thnx Surprisingly

Love it Its amazing and wonderful i recommend it ti every smartphone har smartphone me to ye hona hee chahiye Fantastic

Feels cool Nice app..whatsapp with 2 account..really nice...but feeling more battery consumption.. Worth it!

Best app It's really good yr ... it's work together both watsapp numbers ,and both Facebook id Pretty good

Great, but... But this app make my battery draining. I think you can make the app better. And more account. And make the app can move to sd card because it eat space so much Awesome

Good App. But Drainig Battery Plz Resolve the issue. It's Draing Too much of Battery. And Phone getting too Heat. Good

Phone performance I think this app affects the general performance of a phone. It works great but there has been some noticeable lag in my general use of the phone that was not there prior to installing this app. I think this app needs more optimisation Well done!!

4 stars It can have 5 stars of it can allow adding more than 1 account per app... But Must have aap who wants multiple accounts for multiple apps but don't know abt how adios running in background uses GCM push and also don't know abt the battery.. Highly Recommend.

Great great... Only wish the addition of icons can be controlled, and you consider sth on... SMS too... Must have

It's awesome but... This is a one of a kind that is practically essential to all android users. However the app keeps creating shortcuts to facebook and messanger even though I dont wan't duplicated to those apps. Overall this is a must for for every android user. Worth a go!

So so experience It successfully allowed me to login to multiple accounts on multiple apps. But, I kept getting notified of battery drain while screen off. I'd force stop the app, and shortly later it's draining battery again. It also put a Facebook+ shortcut in my app drawer. I guess that's for a reason? But I didn't like that obtrusive action and it scared me off and I uninstall. Lg g3 6.0 Fabulous!

Awesome Awesome App for multiple App suppot. Great work by developers. Hope to see new updates soon to fix the Google Services related issues. ;-) Pretty good

Nice It's a must have for you guys that have multiple accounts whether for personal or work. No wrong account post anymore for me lol. For dev, 4 stars doesn't mean that this app isn't great but it leaves future progress for improvement. PS : if you guys can separate the play store then it would be great, just my wishlist for this great app. Thank you dev and please continue your hard work. Cheers Go well

Nice app Allow the shortcuts to be in the mob pannels not only the home screen....and remove the instagram+ and the fb+ Perfect!

Awesome Great job by developers. The problem here is, it's not accepting Google play services fot the apps that required Works great

Marvelous This is the app.....I was searching for..... 5 starts is not enough for this app..... Omg

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