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Amazing concept. As all other reviewers, if we could send little messages (character limit) within our planes and add friends and send messages to them, it would become more social. Of course, the possibility of choosing to swipe instead of shake phone. And a possible second screen for friends chat (so you don't stay limited to the plane notes) would be great. All in all, I'd love to see this develop further. Good

I think the idea of this app is really cool, but there are some things you could change and add in to the game to make the experience better. One, you could make it so you choose what stamp you pick. Two, you could have a small underline so that if you dragged your finger on the paper you could see where the stamp would be if you put it there. Three, I think it would be really cool if you could write a short, nice message with your stamp for the next people who find it. Four, you have to sort of drag your finger to stamp, I think it would be better if you could just tap, and this would open up the possibility that dragging your finger could let you have a look at where the stamp would be. Five, I think it would be cool to decide the angle of the stamp. Here are my suggestions! I hope you could put them into the app to increase the likeability of it. Just wow

The app itself is a really good idea but firstly the location is way off it's said I've been in two different places so far neither of which are anywhere near me. Secondly I'm not sure many people actually use this app much anymore because not only have none of my planes been caught in nearly a month but nearly every time I catch a plane it has last year's date on or even before that! So with no one using it the app becomes pointless. It's a shame because it's a nice idea. Surprisingly

This app isn't one of those apps that you expect to be entertained by for hours. To put it short, you just "catch" paper planes, stamp your location, and send back into the world. You can also create a new paper plane. It's a calming game and nice to check before bed but don't expect to be on it for hours without getting bored. Omg

1) Please put my country in the list, or at least let us manually choose our country. I've gotten tired seeing the name of my location in a small font, accompanied by PLANET EARTH while others get it cool by having their own language on the stamp and country acronyms. 2) I agree with the below reviews; writing a little note, allowing to choose our stamps and plane paper would surely keep your users happy. 3) I keep catching plane that are filled, I've never caught one which's space hasn't yet been used up. Not bad

My phone has an issue where it sometimes shuts down incorrectly and spontaneously, which deletes a lot of app data. However, apps that have log ins and accounts I'm able to restore my data and access everything I had been working towards. It would be really helpful if there could be accounts for this app so people didn't lose everything they made. Great!

It has alot of POTENTIAL ok. this is a good app but gets boring fast even though it's fascinating how a plane can fly almost literally around the world. What I suggest is that you add the option to customize the plane. Like colors, being able to write something on the plane, different plane styles, ect. I am uninstalling this and will download​ again once I see improvement to make the app more injoyable Marvelous

I love paper planes and I like the game. It's kind of a fun time waster but it is kind of cool. It doesn't have the most content, so it doesn't get 5 stars. If there was a way to unlock more colors, more plane styles (more than the basic plane), more stamps, achivements, mini games, or maybe adding messages to planes would make the game more fun. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks features like these should be added, just take it more interesting. Worth a go!

This app I OK. But I suggest the developers to add in some other things and features! 1: would be great if you add in the ability to change the stamp and add a custom stamp. 2: I suggest that the graphics be a little better but not too much. 3. Please add the ability to add custom locations! That's all. I hope you will implement those features in the next update Flawless

I love this but you should have an account, be able to make a custom stamp and have a little message like "hi" or a little memoir. The planes should also be directional so if u throw it South someone in that general direction will have a chance at catching it. The planes should also be able to steer themselves. Also maybe add a chat so you can talk with people who have stamped a plane that you caught. Perfect

It is a interesting game. But it would be even better if we could put some short messages in the plane. It is boring to expand the planes just to see the where it has travelled so far. So I hope you will be able to add this feature in this game and then only 5 stars will not be a big deal ✌✌✌ Worth a go!

I first thought you could write messages on the paper plane and have it read by someone. It's a neat concept but I think adding your own message would make it better, so you could spread love and positivity anonymously to the world. Also, I hope there's be an option where you could customize your stamp and paper. I just don't like that the stamps are quite blurred. But it's a good app, so far. :) 5 star

Wasn't sure what to expect when I downloaded this app but I certainly wasn't disappointed. It has a very unique concept and its honestly really cool seeing where all the planes have been all around the world. Some suggestions I'd make are 1) more customization options 2) be able to write messages on planes 3) being able to create accounts and add friends 4) after 3 make it so you can send planes to certain people like have a different screen where you can see planes people sent specifically to you 5) if 3 is added then when people send planes with messages to you maybe be able to write a message on the plane and send it back to them. All in all this app is really cool and I can't wait for them to add more features to this Pretty good

Really like this app very cool seeing stamps from all over the world. The only problem is I am in Eureka, CA. it first put me as in Arcata, CA then the next day it said Sacramento, CA which is like four hours down south. Correct city would be nice but other than that it is great. Works great

Doesn't know where I am. The concept is nice, but being able to leave personalized messages would be nice. Definitely needs swipe controls as opposed to risking throwing my phone across a room. It would also be nice if the app would stamp my actual location. It's placed stamps for four different places so far not one of which was even on the same side of the USA as me. Marvelous

Its nice but... Why does it have 3d graphics? Doesn't this just slow it down? It is PAPER planes after all... Just don't really see the point. Also, flying around is cute, but a new social feature to keep things fresh might be nice. Maybe after 10 stamps each person gets thrown into a group chat? Who knows. wow lol

Fun but... I understand that Utah may not be the center of the planet but when I send out like 5 planes in a row while watching on my computer to see it and see only large cities like NYC and LA being shown it makes me sad. Show my country bumpkin planes too!!! And your location is off. has me in Westpointe Utah, wherever that is! I live in SLC! Pretty good

There is just something so whimsical about this game. It really brings you back to your roots when things were simple but at the same time it gives life to what you used to wish paper planes would really do... FLY! I love this games entire concept. It's just like sending a letter in a bottle. The movements to send a plane out and to catch them are just such a wonderful addition as well. I honestly wish more people played this! I downloaded it on a whim without even really knowing what exactly to expect. I highly suggest you try it if you haven't already! Must have

good, PLEASE DEVELOPER HEAR ME App is very interesting, addicting. I see some problems which needs to be solved. 1. Need to restrict making airplanes. I would suggest adding a restriction that need to catch atleast 1 plane, so you can make 1 plane. Because there are 1,5 million planes, and it makes it even harder to catch good planes. Nobody is catching planes. 2. Add ability to change location if my location says 'planet earth'. 3. Please, let us bookmark caught planes!!! I would like to track some interesting planes... THANKS!! Pretty good

The game is a really good idea but adding personalization to the planes would be nice, I would love to write little notes for people who receive my planes. Also, maybe possibly add like a world map under each plane since after a bit, the names of the states and countries get jumbled up. Still an awesome concept! Flawless

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