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Addictive It's a fun addictive game but the English isn't that clear always and there are no tips on how to improve. Stuck on one level for days! Worth a go!

Look some are good qualities and some bad Good qualities are:That is it fun!And is really good bad are that the ice cream I made for other person but any other person came and eat then whom I made for her fast fast for not getting angry and the person get angry!

Liked it It's alright because you have to keep on making them and people get angry if they don't get there ice cream

Loved it I like it but what someone is sitting on the far right and its the only one another person comes with the same order and picks it up so the corner person just leaves! If you fix this I will upgrade to 5 stars

Nooooooooooooo Iiked it.. But somthing is missing..nn,,nn... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::********''''''''''&&''''''''%%%445578634&&%$#&&55&$%

Love it I like it but i think that it is messed up that the person all the way in the corner was waiting for a long time but the person in front of him/her and that person just got there and the person behind him has to leave

I like it but ....... I like it but I hat it that when a guy is sitting at the far right and thats the only person then another person comes and has the same order then takes it and it happens again and again the the guy at the far right leaves

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