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I really like this!But other tanks should be more cheap because earning coins is so difficult.Especialy,app purchases should be added.Im willing to waste my money to enjoy myself like this.But,tiger must be stronger than the elefant.I just install it on December 5 2017 and I really enjoy it.please apply update fast so my phone can now have a really enjoying game.PANZER VOR!! Amazing!

Just improve graphics and add terrain that effect tank like forest and improve the control and become easy Flawless

I think that the prices of the tanks is a bit much and that the controls are awkward. However, this is a great game. Brilliant

In app purchases should be added to this game just wondering if you are considering it Go well

Could you please fizx this? When i go to campaign, nothing works,please help. (Edited) Well,when i open Campaign only stage button works and it happens every time when i open it. Well done!!

I love WWII stuff, especially tanks. I've been searching for a game like this, it's great! My only concerns are that the tanks cost a lot of coins and the movement controls are a bit lacking. Other than that, fantastic work! Surprisingly

Panzer, vor! I've been looking for a game that's made after 'GIRLS und PANZER' and finally found one! Though I haven't played it yet but I hope for it to be great! :) Amazing!

Its a nice game, but the controls is quite difficult and lack of informations. I didint know what and how to use the evoled. Perfect!

It's a nice and addictive little game. A new update has come and the game is now more or less balanced. Controls somewhat sucks, though. Perhaps add an option to customize it? Overall, this is a nice game. Please add british tanks! ^^ Go well

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