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I LOVE this game! it is so addicting, not to mention cute! My personal saying about this game is a thumbs up for tapps games. Overall, BEST GAME EVER!!!!!! Brilliant

I just got this game, and I am already addicted! It is so adorable!! Pandas have always been my favorite animal so this makes me happy Highly Recommend.

Addicting, so so adicting, played it 5 hours in one sitting. Really addicting. SO CUTE! I lpve the funny and cute grphics and the quotes are super funny. Great time killer, and the problem, SO MANY ADS. SO MANY, BUT I still love the game. Works perfectly

This game is super addicting, and cute. Great time killer, already recommended the game to my friends wow lol

Personally pandas are my favorite animals so it's great to have a cute, and funny game.Its also good that you have to work to get the best.I thought it would be one of them stupid ones like fidget spinner ones and it would make a virus or something but it's slot better because of the style, the graphics and the EVRYTHING!!!!! Flawless

very cute and fun to play! A great addictive casual game to play anytime you get bored Enjoy it!

I absolutely love these games! I played the Octopus version on my Kindle for a while but I never saw this one! Amazing!

It was awesome. Not only because I love pandas but also because the Tapps series had one of the first apps I ever played. Pretty good

I love love love LOVE these evolution games so much! They are amazing time killers, the cute cute pandas, and also the background is looking awesome! Make more of these games please! 5 star

The jokes have gotten boring, lacking variety and for whatever reason Pandas are laying eggs. Overall I still enjoy it Good

I LOVE PANDAS l love pandas so much and now they are in a evolution game I'm so happy about this I really want like in one stage you can make your own panda Flawless

This is a very awesome game you will get so addicted , but it is very fun to play and if you love pandas like i do then this is the right game for you. This is a fun game and if you are bored it will keep you busy. Works great

wow lol



Enjoy it!

The pandas and other animals in tapps evolution games are so cute.I love the fact that you get daily rewards and can get accessories for your pandas. Love this game. Pretty good




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