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I really do love this game but I keep trying to make an account and I never receive the activation email. I sent one, waited 24 hours, resent it a couple of times over the next few days and still never got it. Even in the spam folder. I tried other email addresses and still had the same issue. Works great

I like this clicker game because unlike other ones this one has a type of story line. Marvelous

Do you like coffee do you like Starbucks will you can do all of that and more inside this game I hope you enjoy it Brilliant

In all honesty I love the game.It's really fun and I enjoy how you get the upgrades and a lot of things change over time through the game. I'm just having so much fun with it it's amazing Fantastic

The game is cool and is addictive. But it always crashes everytime I am having a frenzy. One time, I lost my game data and I am force to start again. Hope you could fix it. :) Great!

I love this game so much not only is the art adorable but it is also a really good at to kill time plus it's a clicker so added bonus! Recommend

I enjoy the game, but it loses its luster once it takes several days to earn the money needed for updates. It also still randomly closes occasionally, so overall it's just not very worth continuing. Well done!!

I love the game because it is a clicker with upgrades. You can also do mini levels and get extra characters and things. If you ask me I give it a 10/10. Highly Recommend.

I bloody love this game. I don't have any complaints. I have had this gamed for many monyhs, and it has never lost its charm. I have to say, it is my favorite mobile game. Enjoy it!

Casual game emang asyik banget mainnya, tapi agak ada masalah ga sync antara offline sm online nya. Sering pas offline udah claim hadiah, tapi pas online, hadiahnya belum ke claim Pretty good

After the most recent update, whenever I watch ads and then return to the game, the bgm and sfx in the game got turn down to 0 on their own. Plus, whenever I leave the game, Tako goes back to sleep and I have to rewatch the ads to wake him up again. Aside from that, there is an improvement in speed, there is less lag when making purchases and switching tabs and venues. Perfect

Mad at the update. I spent the 100 billion for the upgrade it took my money but nothing changed or opened up. It can be extremely grindy . The events are really fun though. The game itself is super cute. Just mad about a waste week of tapping Just wow

I want to make this clear: This is a great game. I love the mechanics, and it's a great twist on idle/clicker incrementals. That being said, the game is incredibly laggy, especially for older devices. You NEED options to turn off various features like character and tap animations. Further, get rid of the coffee facts marquee. It's very repetitive and I'm sure it causes some of the lag. The game runs so slow on my phone that I really had no choice but to uninstall. Bonus bug: some in game pop-up notifications (insufficient money, etc) aren't translated into English. But seriously. Good game. Lots of luck to the devs! Great!

I just started so I can't say too much but it seems fun and I wanted a game that wasn't too complicated so this fit the bill. Muito bom!

Needs to have some work on making it fully English, coming across pieces that are still in original language. Omg

First time making an actual review of a game, YAY! (>.<) Okay. On to the actual review. Why should you download this game? - BECAUSE IT'S CUTE!!! I can tell that the artist of the game had fun, It had cute features and great art, not to mention they even put in an OC, well technicaly all of their characters were, BUT STILL, TAKO IS CUTE!!!! - They put in some neat little details like adding a story, having a feature like the money boost they have every several seconds/minutes of tapping and some cute information about the coffee you sell (cafe latte is great!). Things they could have done better. - No offense, I'm just offering constructive criticism but, you could have had some help with the english dialogue and subtitles. Don't worry I suck at Engrish too XD!!! - I know it's hard (and I'm not saying that lightly, it is HARD WORK) to make a game, but you could have added more items and space to customize people's cafe shops (like more awsome furniture to buy in lots of different prices, like bland furniture for 10k, luxurious furniture for 50B and some average looking stuff between). CUSTOMIZATION PLAYS A BIG ROLE IN LOTS OF SUCCESSFUL GAMES!!! It gives them a way to PERSONALIZE THEIR CAFES!!! - Updates and more community events. Keep up the great KAWAIIIII art! Wish u luck gurl! Or Boi! #GenderEquality Muito bom!

Look game is good and all and I find it enjoyabil but for some reason when the game froze on my phone I had to reset it and when I turned my phone on the game was completely gone. Now the only real thing I lost was time because I never spend money. I still recommend this game to any one who wants to try it but was there a update or something I missed becuse even with service and wife the game will not redownload but every other game I try dose so ik it's not my phone. Again really good game and love it but intill this fixed my review stands. Must have

Well I taped on it and expected a crappy idle game,but what I got was a less crappy idle game. Amazing!

This is the cutest little game ever. It is just amazing. It never lags like other games. Its addicting and other stuff its just. Amazing. Pretty good

It was going great until the impassable first store update. You pretty much have have to spend real money if you want to pass it. 10b is way too much. Muito bom!

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