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very useful, helpful, informative, easy to use, and i love that it updates daily for my personal experience. first pregnancy, and i find it helps me alot. Only request is there be a lb option on weight instead of just kg. i have to go online and convert it every time Cool

I love this 32 weeks pregnant, I've been using this app throughout my whole pregnancy and I plan on using the parenting version. My favorite part is the community. Also being able to watch the handprint and footprint get bigger and bigger! Its filled with so many useful and interesting articles as well. Good

I loved the caffine intake tracker and wish they would bring that back. I like to have a coffee before work and a can of pop for my lunch but I have no idea if thats to much. Love that they added a kick counter to it as well. Wish i could track it. Otherwise love the app! Not bad

I love the app. The information given to you is very helpful, especially for first time mommies. The only thing I don't get, are the different size comparisons. They seem to be a little off and silly sometimes, but its still fun to think about! Well done!!

This app is great! It's easy to use and full of good information. I love all the different symptoms/activities etc you can log. The only thing I wish it had is either herbs listed in the medication section or the ability to add custom medications. Fantastic

Love the app. Just wish with day to day craziness. App had tracker for prenatals & also abled you to set reminders on health entries. With pregnancy brain, i would forget entries then would ignore app time to time Marvelous

Really l9ve it. Especially the mood and symptom tracker. Also really enjoy the fact I can log Dr. Appts and they notify me of them... Recommend

Awesome app! I tried a few others, but this one is the one I stuck to during my first pregnancy, I would use it again for any other pregnancies. Very easy to keep track of yours progress, appointments, milestones, symptoms etc. Also points you to useful materials. Overall great app. Highly Recommend.

Being a single first time mum, having this app felt like I had someone to talk to and share my experiences with.. plus the community posts and answers made me feel courageous and strong knowing there's other women out there .. I totally love this app Just wow

I used the ovulation app first and right away I got pregnant. I love the pregnancy app also. Its fun to know the changes your baby is going through and to see a size comparison as they are growing. Love this app and would totally recommend it. Great!

Its been great for my daughter who is still young. She gets excited to see her baby brother/sisters development Must have

I used Ovia Fertility app to get pregnant. I'm at week 39 now. I thought it would only be proper to use Ovia pregnancy tracker. It served its purpose. I would use it again over any other app. The hospital suggested app was garbage compared to Ovia. 5 star

The app is very nice and all, but I find myself fighting with the log in screen often... to the point that I've doubted myself, took a screenshot of my username and password.... and it still says it's incorrect. It's frustrating and now I'm not sure if it will let me back onto my account. Awesome

I've really enjoyed using this app this pregnancy. It's not my first pregnancy but the app still provided very useful information that I had either forgotten or had changed. I enjoy the fun countdown and the adorable baby size comparisons. I also like the videos. The only odd thing I encountered was in my 3rd trimester the countdown to baby switched to an 8day week. Not a biggie just a bit odd. All in all a great app. Cool

It's a great app with a lot of information. I enjoy the message board and connecting with others. I just wish I could sync my account with my partner's so he knows everything or have some kind of joint account. I have listed his name and email in the partner section but he doesn't see all the information I put on my app. Fantastic

I just googled pregnancy apps and found this one. Am glad I found it! Love the updates about baby's developments and the daily articles relate to a lot of symptoms/questions I have. Also used the ovia fertility app and was pregnant within 3 months! I found the app very helpful as it was my first time trying to get pregnant! Enjoy it!

I like this app because it gives you daily rid bits and updates on what your baby may be doing and processing on that day or week. I will say, the sizing chart is a little mellow dramatic and isn't very accurate, but the items and options for the sizing chart are cute and funny. I like that I can keep my medical information and appointments in the app as well and even take occasional quizzes to stay aware of any possible depression during pregnancy and if I need to talk to my doctor about my mental state after pregnancy. It also has great articles and website links for new mommies. It's been very helpful. I just wished the size chart was adjusted a little bit more. Perfect!

Great app love the customizable features. some of the features are difficult to find like adding data to track various symptoms and activities. other than that it's a great pregnancy app! Great!

It is just fantastic!!! I love it! A lot of information, information and curious things, articles and tips, about me and my baby!! And have a count down to baby birth haha that makes me feel a little anxious but is so nice. In conclusion, the app is a total success Flawless

This is a good informative app. However my main beef with it is the part that allows you to conect with other moms to be, is highly deceptive. I don't know what to make of it as Ovia sees it fit to post old questions and concerns as current. I have used this app with my last pregnancy and still find advice I gave out nearly 2 years ago. Because of this I only gave it 3 stars because regardless it is still one of the better ones I have seen. Pretty good

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