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Overall I enjoy the options to enter health data, appointments and milestones. Only complaint is the "what size is baby" options are not good...some weeks comparisons are smaller than the previous week and each weeks size doesn't seem to match all other sources of comparison. Overall though it's my favorite app to use. Cool

Provides daily information about growth of your baby and symptoms to expect. Also gives you plenty of tips for healthy baby development and pregnancy. A must. 5 star

I love this app, it tells you everything you need to know about your body and how the pregnancy is progressing. It also has reminders of appointments, healthy exercise and foods as well as what to expect next. The size comparison to fruit is amazing as well as the true size of hands and feet. Enjoy it!

Only thing I would say is it would be good to put the length of cycle in to calculate due date also. But everything else is great x Not bad

Very informative articles, love being able to read about the baby's growth week by week, love the pregnancy video shared each week by Ovid staff, love the options to choose characters/themes! wow lol

I've used Ovia apps since trying to conceive, the tracking and support was fundamental in my pregnancy. I'm so grateful for these apps and HIGHLY recommend them. Awesome

Very helpful! So much great information in one app! Helped me keep track of everything important! Just what I needed! Love this app! Superb!

Its great I love all the information can someone fix the notifications they arent coming in.. Surprisingly

Great app. Love the daily updates and advice section. Has very cute features Perfect

My youngest son is 7 years old so its like im starting all over. The app is very informative. Just wish it viewed towards twin moms such as myself. Flawless

I love this app, the only thing I don't quiet love is that it has tried to give the baby a gender already and I'm not even to that point Good

I love how they show how big baby is using different types of foods. That is pretty cool! Great!

This is the absolute best for me since it is my first pregnancy! Very informative! Just wow

I love this app so far. So informative and especially the calendar that tracks my data and allows be to put little notes like when i told family and how much I exercised and what I ate. I also love the food lookup tool. Has proven very helpful when am not exactly sure about whether I should be eating something. Very handy, indeed. Recommend Just wow

Just superb.. Ovia fertility helped me get pregnant and ovia pregnancy helps me live each day of this beautiful phase.. A must for all moms to be.. Great!

I love this app, it is the best one out there in my opinion, with all of the helpful articles and food ideas. Also the super easy to understand information on the babys' growth and development. This is my second pregnancy however, with TWINS. And there is no app out there that accommodates to twin pregnancies. Not one that you wouldnt have to pay for anyway. I would LOVE to see a twin pregnancy option. Worth a go!

Very helpful through out my pregnancy, every thing it said every week that's exactly how I felt. I love this app. Even after I had my baby it's still very helpful. Fabulous!

Very informative. A worthy companion especially for first-time pregnant moms. It even shares valuable insights to daddy. wow lol

By far the most informative and helpful app. I have ever used! I'm pregnant with #3 and still going strong! Lovvvveeee it!!!! Well done!!

I've used this app for two of my pregnancies and I love it!!! I love getting the neat notes and articles to read and I love being able to keep track so easily. No ads or in app purchases that I've come across yet so I'm super happy about that lol It's definitely worth the download!! Awesome

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