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I really enjoy using this. It tells me what is going in with baby from day to day and I can put down everything I'm feeling as well. It's a good to be able to record all of that Works great

Very approachable and helpful! Everything from health risks to diet hints/recipes to cute factoids and step by step progress on your little one. 1st time mom, this predicted my due date within 1day! Love it. Cute customizable interface too Works perfectly

This is our first pregnancy and the updates have been so fun when tracking the growth and development of our baby. The medication lookup is a great resource to use when our doctors office is closed so I have an idea of what to stay away from. I love this app so much, I've already planned to use Ovia's other apps for parenting. Thank you Ovia for creating this app for soon-to-be parents! love it

The app is great and you get a daily email with pictures and you entering all this information in this app everyday so they work together hand-in-hand it's just amazing and you learn something new everyday know it's going on every day I just love reading it Recommend

Hard to reference articles you want to find later. Doesn't have multivitamin as a default drug. Not cleanly laid out. Marvelous

It provides a lot of important and accurate information. Also, if the company that provides your insurance is on its list, you'll have access to more detailed information about some pregnancy conditions to consider. With this app, you can track not only your weight gain, but how you feel, symptoms, appointments, notes, etc. Great app. Enjoy it!

Using this app during my first pregnancy, and it's fantastic. Very informative, awesome articles, and a neat little calendar to record moods/symptoms/sleep/weight/etc, doctor appointments, milestones, and notes (with the ability to add photos!) It's easy to use and navigate. Highly Recommend.

It's one of my favourite pregnancy apps. If not one of the best then it's certainly THE best. If you like tracking symptoms, hearing about baby day to day etc. Go for this app! Omg

Best pregnancy app I've ever used! I wish i had had it with my first baby! I recommend it to everyone, also the Ovia period tracker helped me get pregnant in 4 months (after trying for FIVE years!!) Works perfectly

I used the Ovia Fertility Tracker as my period calender because I was deemed infertile and I had crazy irregular periods. That app made me figure out I did not have a normal 28 day cycle but a 34 day cycle and that my periods were still irregular but not nearly as frequently as I had thought before. I ended up magically getting pregnant I have no idea how but I now use the the Ovia Pregnancy and I have very bad anxiety so getting to read something about my son every day has really helped me. Ovia is very informative for both apps and I could never use another. love it

I used this app with my first, have kept saying the parenting app version, and started this Ovia over with #2! It's so great! Enjoy it!

Really good app for getting updates about bub and it shows you cute things like bubs hand and feet and how big they are! Also has a handy food safety check and medication safely list! Also has contraction counter for labour!!! Would recommend it to friends and family 5 star

Its cute! Love this app!! This is my second child and irs more informative then a few ive used so may good suggestions and variety of things you need to know. Go well

Love this app! It has so much useful and fun information. I look forward to checking it each week to see my baby's progress, and the message boards daily to see what other women are dealing with! Fabulous!

I used this app with my first little one, and now I am using it once again for the little one that's on the way. I would recommend this app to all new mom's, it's incredibly informative, and offers you breast pumps through your insurance providers. Thank you so much for this app! Great!

I didn't feel as I got much info my first pregnancy, so this is helping me every step of the way. Love it! Works great

Through each of my pregnancies ived used the fertility app to track my open windows and my period, then I switch right over to the pregnancy app! It just seems to get better and better each time I use it! I've tried other apps but always come back to old faithful! Love this app! Perfect

I love the format! Also love that you can track symptoms, make notes, track milestones, plan your hospital bag, and put in reminders for your doctors appointments!! Still learning the app so im sure there are many more useful things within it! Good

The app is great but would be wonderful if you added some widgets so then we could easily see how many days are left and maybe even log some symptoms. Superb!

Very helpful, informative, and educational. I really like this app as I can personalize it as well with themes/colors. I love the daily/weekly updates on how my baby is growing and what is healthy for me to eat to support that the best I can. Surprisingly

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