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New to app So far I love it! It seems to have everything I need. I havent figured out yet if there is a graph for weight and belly measurements but the fertility ovia was great with graphs.

This app is everything I have many apps on my phone but this one is the all time best pregnancy tracker app. I absolutely love it !

Its perfect!! I've used it for two pregnancies and i love it. The recipes are amazing! And its very informative. Thank you Ovia!!

Only pregnancy app I needed I had a pregnancy book or two but didnt end up picking them up, had all I needed in this app.

help.problem. please i did not received further daily updates. the last updates were on january 3rd 2016. is there any problem?i used it when i was pregnant and then reading everyday updates for my baby girl.please can u fix it? because i loved a lot your app

Very useful I love this app, very informative. I love reading what's happening with my baby on a daily basis.

Cute! I love the tiny hand that shows the babys growth week by week. One week away from my due date and the little hand is full grown. Plus having daily updates rule!

Very Informative It is a great app that answers all my questions, even to things I hadn't thought of yet! The forum is also very insightful for advice from other mommas

Love it I love this app has little updates added throughout the day which are helpful and fun really good app

Great app! I love it! It is comfy to use, it looks great and it gives such nice information. Every morning I am excited to open it and find out what is the new advice of the day :)

Great app. This is the app which I open everyday after get up from bed to see what is my baby's status. Really great and interesting app.

Fantastic app Love the cute pictures week by well and the daily updates on baby's development. It's also great for keeping appointments in the same place I use it everyday!

Perfect App for Pregnancy I used this app throughout my entire pregnancy and it was amazing. I loved the tips and recipes as well as the progress of my growing baby. I would recommend this app to everyone.

Easy to use Love this app. Easy to use and informative without being overbearing. Positive messages rather than scaring new mums about "what could go wrong!"

Very informative This app has different bits of information every time I refresh it. Everyday is a neat fact or something helpful. This is my #1 pregnancy app.

Love it, but.... i absolutely love this app, but i can't upload a profile picture. i keep clicking "save" but it doesn't do anything. would have been 5 stars if this worked :/ please fix!

Perfect for me. Impressed with feedback. I like the daily factoids, and the ability to track various things like weight, sleep, a simplified version of nutrition, and the many resource articles. Any data entered can also be filtered from your timeline for a chronological view.. I do this with weight frequently. I also filter to see my notes. After an update, I had an issue with entering my weight data, so I contacted the makers with a message from the app. They were quick to respond, and had resolved the issue and offered a new update in 3 days. Perfect!

Really like it Very informative, I like reading the daily information with my baby's name in it. Cool

Ovia This app is absolutely fantastic. More informative than any other App I have ever seen. 5/5 :) Works perfectly

My favorite pregnancy app It gives a lot of information about what's going on with me and what's going on with baby. Sometimes it doesn't work right, but, overall, it's still the best pregnancy app of the apps I'm using. Superb!

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