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I personally love Ovia, their fertility tracker was amazing, used it this month and just found out I'm pregnant. So I downloaded the pregnancy app, and it's great, but I just wish it would allow you to input data like the fertility tracker did. It tracked weight, nutrition, exercise, symptoms, etc. And it would be awesome if the pregnancy tracker allowed input of that data as well. Works great

Awesome app. Very detailed with EVERYTHING about your baby. Also provides a food safety lookup that allows you to see what foods are unsafe foe consumption during pregnancy. Love this app. Great!

Love love LOVE Ovia Pregnancy. I used Ovia Fertility to get pregnant and now I trust Ovia to help me have my healthiest safest pregnancy! I especially love the Safe medications and Safe foods lookups. It will tell you if it's safe or not safe and if it's not safe is it not safe all together or not safe to have all the time or if certain conditions are meant. Amazing!!! Muito bom!

I'm almost 32 weeks pregnant with my fourth and I loved how you guys prepare people for premature Labour because I went through that with my last pregnancy and I had no clue what was going on and I had no information. This time around in prepared Good

Such a fun and informative app for every step along the pregnancy. Fun features like size of baby as a "cute but weird animal" (this week my baby's the size of an otter, for example) instead of the usual veggies (which you can still choose). Also great videos for every week by the creator of the app as she goes along her own pregnancy. Content is written in a positive tone too, informative not fear-mongering. Perfect

The app is great for baby growth, tips, and tracking your health / mental state and the amounts of each food group / water you consumed, but you can't enter what you've eaten / calorie / nutritions taken in. The questionnaire that's on here gets really repetitive. It asks the Same questions over & over so that might waist your time. And I'm on the fence about the daily email updates on baby growth. A weekly update could do the same. Enjoy it!

This app is great for keeping track of your growing baby. I love to see each development that our little bean goes thru. You can also make notes, add questions for the doc, and record your daily symptoms. Great app!! Not bad

Its ok. I like the interface, my complaint is that it has way too many adds... Assumes we will all have babies in a hospital oh... And way too many adds. Less adds more articles please... The ovulation app was less bloated Worth a go!

I used this app with my last pregnancy and wanted to switch it up and use a different one for this pregnancy. I tried a few different apps, but none of them were near as good as this one. So helpful and easy to use! Works great

Love this app! Had the conception app and bow this one. Looking fowared to using the baby app. Even gives me information about multiples towards the end which I love since I am having twins! Well done!!

Its my first pregnancy and its so much fun getting a weekly update on my growing baby and how big he/she is in to comparison to everyday objects! Also very helpful on keeping track of doctor appointments or you can track whats going on durimg your pregnancy so you dont forget to tell your doctor when you head to the next appointment! Fantastic

For the most part I really like this app. The downfall is that I don't know some of the fruits and veggies they use. Also they re-ask the same MyQ questions after I already answered. Superb!

I literally love this app. Found out I was 5 weeks pregnant a week ago and it literally makes me so happy. This app lets me track what I eat, how much I sleep what's healthy and had tips and it tells me what is going on inside of me with my baby I love love love it !!!! Great!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I downloaded 5 pregnancy apps.. I've had these apps few weeks now and this one is by far the best. Has the most information, is the best set out and also the most attractive. All the little features make it not only educational but also fun and personal! 5 star

Very useful. I felt more prepared when I went to my doctors appointment and less anxiety about my symptoms. I recommend this app for all moms regardless of experience. Must have

My favorite pregnancy app. Using it for baby #2 now and I used it for my entire prenancy with baby #1. My whole family was even into it with me and everyone was excited each week to see what fruit/veg he would be the size of and for me to text them the update to read about what to expect for both of us during that week. Love ovia. The videos are great too. And anything i was interested in I could take off, which was great. I loved customizing everything and reading ahead to different weeks. The countdown is great and i just loved everything about it!! Fabulous!

Helpfull & informative, but some features are too add heavy or are for pay to use only. The community blogs are not monitored or organized by medical personelle, so there are quite a few duplicate questions and unhelpful advise. Use these features with caution and healthy skepticism. Worth a go!

It is one of my favorites. Although there are some small things I would want added. Must have

Overall really fun and pretty helpful. I do wish the add content and updates could be a bit more personalized though. It won't stop advertising formula no matter how many times I click "don't show similar items" or say that I will be breastfeeding on the surveys. Also, I can't get it to use male pronouns. Not that it really matters, but it would make the app more fun if it were more personalized! Surprisingly

I look forward to the daily updates on our growing baby. This isn't my first pregnancy, but the information given is still very useful, and I use it everyday to learn something new. Easy read articles and short videos are nice and I even found some of the offers/ads useful. Not over the top. Great for an app offered for free. Brilliant

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