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I think outs awesome. It holds my place and goes back a few seconds to remind me where I left off. Getting started the first time was s little hard. But after that it was super easy. Omg

This app is friggin fantastic. I've been obsessed with listening to the audiobooks from my library since discovering it. I'll never again be listening to music while painting when I can just listen to a narration of thousands of fantastic books. Great!

Before i got this app a year ago i would read maybe 2 books a year. Going to the library takes a long time to find anything i like. This app allows me to bring up a lot of different books with the summary only seconds away which allows me to go through lots of books within minutes so i find something fairly quick Pretty good

I don't always get the book I want right away because of holds, but I am enjoying the books l find. Usually find some to hold me over till I get the one I am waiting for. I have a membership to audible but that can get expensive. So in the mean time I enjoy this app a lot. Not bad

App use to be great. Now it pauses audio books every few minutes. Not sure why but it is becoming annoying. Have to keep repressing the play icon. Enjoy it!

I use this app to access books and audio books from the Boston Public Library, and although the selection is not as extensive as Audible, it is free, and there are still a TON of choices. You can also have up to 10 books checked out at a time, which is pretty amazing. The app interface isn't the most beautiful, but it's decent. And there aren't any major bugs either, which is great. Works perfectly

Free audio books is pretty hard to do wrong, but I've seen it in other library apps. Your milage can vary, but my library has a great selection on here. And, the app works great. Basic functionality is easy to do and playback works without error. If I had a wishlist, alexa support and diner grained control of playback speed. love it

I listen to my audio books all the time while I work instead of music. The only thing that would make it better is to be able to drag the bar to a specific spot to listen again to a segment instead of in 15 sec segments. I love this app! Great!

This is a great app. It all depends on the digital library you are connected to for your selection of books. I mainly use the app for audio books. The only reason I did not rate 5 stars is could be a little better integration with Bluetooth devices. Go well

It's ok. Use this for library audio and ebooks. Navigation kinda non-intuitive at times - when you check out a book you have to go to a different bookshelf area to download it. Don't understand why I can't just do that from the screen I'm on, for example. I use from android, and my app only allows changing speed in .2 increments. I wanted to speed up just a bit from 1.0 , but 1.2 was a bit too fast for this recording. Yet the web app that lets you sample audio recordings will let you drag the speedometer to get EXACTLY any speed desired. Hopefully that will be available in the main app soon. Was not hard to search for titles, though. Cool

I really enjoy this app. Especially since I really enjoy audio book. The only reason for not giving it a 5 stars, is because I can't read the ebooks on my Amazon Kindle reader. Otherwise it deserves a 5 stars rating. Enjoy it!

This kind of app has a captive audience: if you want to borrow e-books from one of the libraries that is signed up, you have little option. It seems to be a little haphazard as to whether books go to overdrive's own reader or to another reader I have installed. It would also be useful to make them accessible from a Kindle. Another issue is that I have a couple of apps that claim to be able to read DRM PDFs (and I have signed up to Adobe for this) but when I wish to borrow such books (notably graphic novels) the app tells me that my device is not compatible and I have to view it online. Overdrive's own reader is not bad but one annoyance is that I can't see my progress through the book while reading, just my progress in the current chapter, unless this is just a function of my current (and first) book in it. Also, having started a book on my phone and then wanting to read it on my tablet when my phone was not at hand, I found today that it didn't seem to have a sync option or that this function is rather hidden away. I had to spend a minute or so manually locating my place in the book. I might have to check out (no pun intended) Libby, which appears to be a successor app to this one. Perfect!

Overdrive is a lifesaver! I used to be a live-in cargiver. I could still check out books even if i couldn't leave. Now that i drive everywhere for work I listen to audiobooks from my library through Ovetdrive. I never mind my commute because i have some wonderful book for company. Great!

Overdrive gives me access to my library books anywhere, anytime which is quite convenient. However, I experience frequent syncing issues across devices so I am constantly trying to figure out where I left off on one device in order to determine where to start reading on another device. Also, it would be good if the night reading mode offered more options to reduce the black and white contrast (even at the dimmest level); particularly for people who wear glasses or who are sensitive to light. wow lol

Great app! The updates keep making it better. The book syncing among different devices doesn't really work for me. That is the only thing I wish could be improved. I would like it to ask whether you want to jump to where you are on another device regardless of whether you are farther along or behind on that device. Otherwise, everything is good. Cool

I love this app. Let's me barrow audio library books! Been using it for years and have yet to run out of anything to listen too. Recommend

It is a little confusing at first, but once you figure it out, it's a great way to listen to or read books. My 9 year old is able to navigate it on her own which has saved us a lot of money on books. Enjoy it!

Use it for borrowing ebooks from local library. Easy to use and offers options for font size and style which is great when everyone has different eyesight abilities. Also can choose color scheme for day or night time reading which is relaxing for the eyes depending on lighting around you. Bookmarks your page n never lose your place. Love it. Good

Lacks the ability to search for specific words which is really important for keeping track of multiple plot lines and characters. Page numbers are relative to a chapter instead of page x of total pages. Bookmarks display when they were created and percent of book read. Who cares? Bookmarks should display chapter and page. Even better, add ability to add description or unique name to bookmark so you know at a glance why you created bookmark. Worth it!

This is an excellent app! I can bring my tablet anywhere. I can even read at night in a dark car waiting for my children. I don't have to lug around a large book, it's just overall great . Thank you so much. Enjoy it!

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