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#strategy-game Great game!! The game is amazing, very fun and entertaining, I would give 5 starts if it wasn't for the deck editing. It is pretty annoying to have to go back and forth between heroes to edit the decks. We should be able to use the a card on as many heroes we want.

Great! Very innovative card game with lots of fun. Haven't spent a dime and have gotten tons of gold and runes from campaign and boss battles.. Recommend to get Order & Chaos Duels APK.

#playing-a-game Very captivating card game! Wow, spent so many hours playing this game. The graphics and effect are beautiful to watch and the sounds are great. It is difficult enough to keep you on your toes and the rewards and new cards are not too easy to come by so it doesn't bore you. Lots of differend ways to strategize your victory with different cards and opponents and your heroes abilities. But I do agree that the daily free cards gift should be visible (you can get them from/ get cards/ treasury). Give it a go and you will fall in love.

One of the better card games out there! but the slowness at which you get new cards without pay to winning is pretty bad. Allow commons to be purchased with gold and and not crap single use boosts then maybe 5 stars but 4 is being lenient.. Recommend to download Order & Chaos Duels APK.

#strategy-game Truly Awesome! Great gameplay, interesting cards, fantastic interface. This is a model for how these types of games should work. Love it!

Worth 5 starts! Many games on Play have 5 starts, few are deserving. This game has depth, design, and the ads are not intrusive. You need to play this game.

Great game. I absolutely live it!! Crashes sometimes though and would be great if you could trade in cards for new ones. It is one of the best games I've ever played though...

Like Magic?! Fun game. Kinda like magic the gathering. I have not received my gems for installing and running other apps yet. But, the game rocks!

Connection failed! Same.. also dun have connection to gameloft server and tried after thousand times of re-install

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