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Glitch? Would love to continue playing the game, but every time i try and play some of the cards bodies and descriptions wont show. Can you fix this plz?

Great game if you like card straategies Reminds me of a mix between magic and you GI oh. To games I'd like to have mixed together in the first place. Seriously ingenious. Its worth a look and then some, the campaign looks deep, long, and challenging. You can battle with friends and others online. A dream come true if you're a nerd I guess lol

Entertaining and challenging Excellent game but can quite difficult as you advance through the campaign and opponents get unfairly powerful. Still the game is fun to play.

Some Suggestions. There needs to be a way to purchase Cards individually with ruines and mabye gold. Speaking of gold, why is it you can Exchange ruins for gold but not gold for ruins, Ruines have far greater value then gold. So why not 1000 Gold to 1 Ruin. Works great

Good for the campaign, and deep strategie Best collective card but for longer playing far to expensive, people Spend hundred of euros for a computer game

The best TCG ever in android Fun, beautiful card artwork, u dont need to pay to progress and win, but the cards you can get from paying are totally worth the money. Support!

Not bad at all. Enjoying the game so far and like the fact that there is a campaign as well as multiplayer battles. Takes a bit of getting used to, especially given the opponents move and subsequent abilities activate so quickly. Main issue I have is that the actual card graphics themselves tend not to show up so I'm basically dealing with a lot of almost blank cards. Hoping that is sort out shortly so that I can identify my cards and continue playing!. Recommend to get Order & Chaos Duels APK

Its a great game Wonderful game , good grqphics, plenty of cards, ability to build a good strategy. Anyone who rates it different is either ignorant or has a crap phone I give it 5 stars Recommend

Pretty fun I play this on/off, I've so far not spent a dime on the game and have done reasonably well. Worth a go!

Bug I really want to play this game but it shows the loading screen and just closes the game and brings me to the home screen please fix this problem and I will be very happy because it seems to be a very cool game I have been looking for a alternative to hearthstone so I conclude please could you fix it please.Thankyou Very much hope you will fix. Brilliant

Alot like Hearthstone Pretty fun mobile card game. Fast paced and easy to learn. My only issue is that card collecting is difficult unless you are ready to put up a decent amount of cash. Really wish a buy to play mobile card game would come out. 5 star

Pretty decent game. Actually has strategy involved, unlike most mobile card games. Good selection of cards and the game play is solid. 4/5 because of standard mobile game money grabbing, but its still pretty fun. Amazing!

Epic The best card game ever nice drops good difficulty not too hard yet challenging. Love it, the only thing I do think should be changex i when mass spells and effect are used it shouldn't show you the effect card by card because it takes too much time, otherwise epic game! Great job

Great game Its a great game with beautiful graffics and gameplay but has a major downside, it seems to drain my battery very easily which means i wont be able to play for a long time, but keep in mind that i have a samsung galaxy s2. Flawless

Pretty fun! Its a fun game to play. It can be a little co fusing at first because the enemy cards are played so fast u dont really have time to see what happend. But other than that its a fun way to pass the time! Especially if ur into hearthstone or games like that. Flawless

Great game I recently started playing Hearthstone for PC, but I wanted something I found take in the go. This is basically that, which is great. Not a huge fan of the UI though. I'd give up some of the visibility of the art work on the cards if it meant I didn't have to tap a card just to see it's details. Seems like a small thing, but it adds up over the course of your playtime. Even an option to change this would make this game a 5-star for me. Great game. Great!

Glitch in daily rewards Good game, too much depends on luck, but its card game so OK. but there is a bug in daily reward. If u login everyday you should receive at 6th day gems. But it's impossible to get to that day. Even if I log in few times per day, it drops to 1st day too often.. Fabulous!

OK guys this game totally cheats u had to change my rating from 5 to 3 stars everything starts out great and i saw other reviews saying there's a pay wall its not there at 1st then BAM it hits u hard bro and gets evil and cheats the heck out of u i think its a Gameloft thing wit there free stuff Not bad

Pls fix asap! Hi im having troble with the online play my ranking doesn't change its stays the sane pls fux this proplem as soon as possible for im a fan of this game and has spends over $100 in more thing pls can you pls extend the story line add more battles and dont repeat the sane enemies pls doit for the next update thnks..... Recommend to download Order & Chaos Duels APK.

#fantasy-card SORT THE GAME OUT......! Getting really peed off with this game as every time they leave the game early, it says after 30 seconds, dissconnected and then straight away connected and goes as a defeat. PLEASE SORT THIS OUT GAMELOFT...

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