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Strategy card game that i have come across to date. wow lol

Amazing game was searching for something like this. Not bad

lacks the detail of Magic or other premium trading card games. Amazing!

Error with the boss battle on S4. Craptastic

daily rewards are bugged. Poor

Got back into it I played this for a long time but my data deleted. I somehow was able to geg back into the game any ways. Works great

Ok....but is ok but further on in the game most of the opponents have a deck full of rare normal card just 85% rare cards making it nearly impossible to win unless u buy $20.00 or more worth of booster packs and cards Not bad

Good game I love the gameplay and animations but until the daily reward is fixed and some other issues im putting this game on postpone. Fantastic

Fun, but not captivating Battles feel very intricate, but I'm not quite enthralled. This game is definitely fun, though. The artwork for the cards is really epic. Kudos to the artist(s)! Works perfectly

Great game Very good game. It is not pay to win because you can earn gems easy yourself. I haven't spent a dime and deck wise I'm doing awesome. Cool

Great game. Lots of bugs I would give it more stars if it actually worked how it claims. I can never get rewards for logging in each day the game will tell me that I have treasure or supplies waiting and I never get it I log in every day yet still I never get any runes or anything because the game. Doesn't give me my points each day and when it does give me my points it says this is the first day I've logged in when it clearly is not.

Issues Never play ranked matches because opponents always disconnect right as you're about to win making u lose the match. Aside from that a great game. If they fixed multiplayer id give a 5*

Ok spel Spelet som sådant är ok. Kortspel som faktiskt är ett kortspel. Hjältarna är dock tämligen obalanserade. Hyfsat lätt att få kort -svårare att få bra. Iap finns men de är så hiskeligt dyra att det nästan är tveksamt om detta kan kallas pay to win.

Best card game for android It's originality and fluid play makes it extremely easy and fun to get into. I however have not dealt with any sort of extreme battery life death that most here are complaining about. Suppose it depends on the device.

It's a keeper I've had this game for a while now and have to say I can't let it go lol definitely one of a kind and could use some kind of revamp every now and again but isn't necessary just would be nice to see new cards and what not.

Great game As a huge fan of MTG and other card game I've really enjoyed this game. It's a bit quick moving and hard to follow sometimes but once you get the hang of the play style you will find it quite enjoyable.. Recommend to get Order & Chaos Duels APK

Spent a lot not getting whats deserved I've spent serious money on this app and I cannot even contact customer support from my phone. It seems that there's a lot of cheaters since every time I start a ranked match I will get the defeat sign without even 10 seconds of a match. I want my money back. since I cannot play this game. The updates are awful as they've changed cards already purchased without notice. I've discarded cards and suddenly they've changed them into powerful ones or I've stick to ones to be changed into lame ones.

Very nice job Great game if u pick the right hero. (Hero is only card u can pick) no trading cards so, your hero's abilities makes the for improvement but, great strategy game: ) I just wish you could get 1 free daily tower game, would gladly trade daily reward for that, lol. ;)

Be prepared for frustration Amazing game plagued by shady monetization... computer has vastly superior cards as well as bigger decks and more health and the game has no proper means for farming which translates in an extremely frustrating experience. Not content with that they make use of two separate currencies for extra scamming potential and randomly generated cards for extra chance at getting nothing for your money. As a sweet topping they tweak later encounters to be nigh impossible to beat without perks which you have to pay ¬¬

Really good Thus is one of the best card games out there for mobile. Since we can't play hearthstone this is a good substitute

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