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Very addictive game. No money required so far. The currency you can buy does accumulate over time, but it's not really important because I get my best cards with regular game gold. Works great

Tebza Im loosing interest. No updates wth new stages and why i cant select my card of choice to start a batle with. love it

Sweet game This game is a lot of fun. But then I had lost everything in some odd glitch. Then the developers made everything better. If you like card dueling games, this is the game. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Flawless

Multiple glitches - lack of customer support Though I admit that the game play and campaign of this game are good, it does have a lot of problems. The game is full of glitches. This includes inability to find multilayer matches, glitched "daily rewards" which in fact reset randomly and do not give the suggested premium currently. Though not necessarily important for the game, rare and epic cards require it to buy. These cards are also required for late game campaign and multilayer to be successful. Card packs do not always give what is stated. Well done!!

Nothing like it I'm the type of person that likes to play hands on games I tried many other card games but all of them were just where you upgraded your cards and watch them fight in this game you get to have a sense of strategy and have to know what you're doing there's nothing else like it and I appreciate the Developers Cool

Everything is good But, my opponents leave the game when they are about to lose. As a result, I obtain 2-3 points instead of 8-15. Fix this please. Good

Good game I like the game play and the way it makes you think to win over all good game to play. Must have

Excellent Magnificent..., now I understand the DUEL cartoons I always watch without understanding... Thanks alot..., even the description on the cards and instructions do helps alot... Works perfectly

Average tcg Nothing out of the extraordinary, but not terrible either. At the end it is just meh with good graphics. Just wow

Simple and brilliant Though the tutorial falls short, this game is relatively easier to pick up than some of its rivals. Very simple and fast paced, love it!! Fantastic

Unstable online duals Loses 3 stars for totally unstable Random duals- 15 mins into a game, then out of nowhere "You Lose" !!!! And Drop rank. So frustrating, please fix this. Game keeps asking me consistently to rate it even tho I have already rated it... Marvelous

I am enjoying this game... I find my self more into this game over hearthstone. The mechanics are similar but this game is more enjoyable to me. Muito bom!

Love it!!! This game is very smooth and has amazing animations and graphics. I'm hooked! This is better than Hearthstone Muito bom!

good, but Love this game and have been played it for years, but please fix those bugs and cheat in tower mode and hope you'd come back and keep develop this game. I know this game can go further, Cheers!

BRING BACK EPIC BOSSES What in the world ever happened to battling epic bosses. How am I supposed to get an epic boss card if I can't fight any epic bosses? Please just let me know if and when they are coming back. It was one of my favorite things about the game. To anyone who took the time to read this... this is a GREAT GAME**** five stars when the epic bosses come back.

Great game couple of problems though It's a fantastic game been playing it for well over a year now but it's murder on your battery, would be 5 stars if the reward systems work. Now they just send notifications and take you straight to the main screen

You can compete As you can see, this is a good looking game. I haven't experienced any consistent buggy behaviour, so gameplay is also good. Most important of all, however, is this game allows you to trade in your time in lieu of cash. If you're patient, and willing to take it slow, you can compete with the payer players. Cash is still king of course, and makes everything easier, but you can definitely get by without it. So give it a shot...

Love it I am nealy in the end of this game just 30 bad guys that i need to kill and it is getting tuffer and i got weak cards who finish the game? first if i finish the game first everybody will be scared of me and hate me! i thoart i am up to the boss!?

Still new but... Pretty good so far. Only playing the campaign atm. Not too complex. Free cards often enough to keep your interest. No problematic pay wall as yet :-D you can sacrifice many cards for a/some new one/s but I haven't tampered too much with that yet, it requires a lot of cards to sacrifice. Highly Recommend.

Ordin Bug When Ordin unleashed it's power,it's supposed to dmg then heal herself but in the end,it only dmg the enemy hero and NOT heal herself,please fix Perfect!

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