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Good but Good game... but a bit unfair when you max out at 7 mana and you opponent has 12 Worth it!

Fun Fun game but hate that you spend money on a random card. Need to fix it or it's just gambling masquerading as a game. Works perfectly

Very fun and strategic game. Many cards you use to win the game. You have to be balanced between creatures,traps, and enhances cards. Good

What can I say a perfect tcg I waited a little until I played so I can write an honest review. In love the game. The graphics are amazing. I'm an O&C player also. It takes a little to become proficient, but after that, it's smooth sailing 5 star

Little confusing Need more discription on how each item works and more walk thrus. What is each step what is each corner number mean. Whats is it ment when throw away card.... Recommend

Great online card game! Collect strong cards, fight against other players or against powerful NPC enemy!!! Fast and easy to play! Fabulous!

Take it back I'm enjoying it now but you guys should include an in game chat though, and practice or challenge without rank so we can practice against each other. Works great

I would of given all stars but there is no possible way to get certain Epic Cards Great job

Could be better The game play is great. The freezing and turning off during battles; especially during the tower is terrible. How do I start with a loss as soon as i finish my deck before i even battle anyone? How do i dominate someone and lose because the game messed up? Just wow

Dear dev Why can we not summon the epic bosses? Only gives option to fight an already summoned boss and there never is one. Also what is the purpose of having friends if you can't PvP or message them? PS. I love this game and it is 5star. Just disappointed in these things mentioned. Thanks Flawless

OMG Who the Heavens made this game. Dude or Dudet you are the best. I had this idea 7 years ago but I didnt involve a hero that was pretty smart. Matter of fact I still have the cards in my drawer. Except we pulled from 1 deck. It was still pretty fun. You guys are awesome. Now I can play with my own deck. Do you guys think I should still paden my idea? Cause its still fun. I would love to hear from you all. Your opinion would matter a lot. I actually made 2 card games. But enough about me good job. I LOVE IT! Marvelous

To kill time!! Game play is good, but the way you get more good cards forces you to pay more, especially that the rune drops or the way you get the runes are not that good... Patience is the key if your a f2p player. Go well

Pay pay It's a typical pay game you can win without paying but it can take forever to get runes to buy good cards you can only access tower one time then guess what yes runes ti enter there is no events whatsoever which makes the game a bit boring grreat concept yet noth there fully Great!

Bottom line this game is badass...if someone don't like this game it's only because 1. Ur phone or tablet sucks 2. U hate card games or 3. Ur an idiot who don't know how to play...overall it's quite similar to magic the gathering except for the battling system...the game is amazing... great job whoever produced this game!!! Perfect!

Great Great game loving it. its all most as Good as sol forge:)the only thing I would say is that the customer service is very poor lost all my cards and my acount got deleted. contacted customer care no answer :(:( Worth it!

Delete Why can't I delete a character? I'm stuck and I want to try someone different and this game doesn't help you do that. 5 star

Pretty good game but you should add more cards and packs but yeah still really fun to play thank you Recommend

Fun Pretty simple card game, but slow because you have to look at each card to read what it does each time rather than having the description written on the card itself. Makes gameplay tedious unless you plan to memorize every card. Amazing!

AWESOME I have been looking for a game like this for a veeeery long time and finally some genius made one thanks soo much Perfect

Nearly stole money from me. Game crashed and took me back to the screen where you first select a hero. Only way to get back into my saved Gameloft account was to uninstall and reinstall the game, so the login area comes up. When I logged back into my Gameloft account, I noticed my inventory of runes was only 20 when I had 60. If I had paid money for those runes, I would be demanding my money back. wow lol

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