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No Epic Boss coming There is no epic boss coming on my phone i.e. Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 so if you only can solve my problem. This is the only reason of rating this game 3 stars. Fabulous!

The tower disappoints Not only do you have to pay your hard to come by runes to get in, but with an unfamiliar deck you have to pass the first level which isn't even a balanced level. Lose interest in playing when it's not even playable. Who wants to continue to use the mere 3 attempts they're given just to piss around on the first floor? But go ahead and give out your credit card information and buy more pointless runes to continue. Smh not worth it. Go well

Awesome Really awesome and addicting game. Adds are little and can pop up once after 30mins of play atleast. Game is solid you dont need to pay to win, enough time spent and you will collect enough runes to get new cards. Surprisingly

I've been playing this game for a while now. And I really have no complaints. Until someone makes a MTG game worth a damn. This is the game for you. Perfect

No epic boss battles ever and can't claim supplies ever!! So you can't ever claim supplies it's just a annoying reminder that you can't ever claim supplies. Also NO epic boss battles ever it's just a pretty button to push Fantastic

Afraid like a lot of games ill get bored w it quickly,but its ok in the biginning as long as ur willing to put time and effort in to learn to play&be able to create a decent enough deck. Worth a go!

What i was looking for Used to play a game like this 2ish years ago but it is long gone off the market. This game this GAME RIGHT HERE. Is done very well. Works great

Exactly what I was looking for This game is very strategic and I am loving it. The things that you do take thought and careful consideration. The Dynamics of this game really enjoyable and I like all of the multiplayer features that they have. Definitely a must play if you are into TCG strategy games. Worth a go!

Actually a good mobile game So it's coo. Card game, turn based, not too much push for pay, no ads so far. Only complaint is the game is a bit hard to get at first, but just keep playing and you get the hang of it. Awesome

Dont forget about good customers I've been playing over 1yr I lost all My data spent money... ALOT more than 60 bucks... I hope they fix...the update is this they gave me replacement runes but my deck is still lost luckily I love the game so ill play more Highly Recommend.

Major update and change I've been playing this game since a few years back and then I got back into it I feel like this game could become much more better I feel it has a lot of potential I think developers should really invested time into this game and make it much more better I've been playing Hearthstone and other types of trading card games and they're all great but I feel like this is one of the original things that came out that a lot of people took ideas from I hope developers putting more effort into this game Well done!!

love it Really good card game. The best one out there. Really love the new cards you get. Just wish the free card could also be a really rare card also sometimes. Been playing for three years now. So I mean that should let you know right there it's a cool fun game once you understand how to play. love it

Fun, but unfair It's unfair. Way too luck based. If I start with a good deck, i win, but then if I start with bad deck lineup, i lose no matter what. Very unfair. Not bad

Love it best game ever can't stop playing Wish I could buy the cards I needed or wanted to buy Pacific players maybe you can change the future Muito bom!

So far so good I used to play hearthstone and got burnt out initials sadly. But I just started playing this and I'm loving it. Perfect

Really Fun, Needs an Undo Option for Card Placement though; It is Really Easy to Accidently Place a Card in the Wrong Spot but it's Frustrating to not be Able to Undo it. Omg

Best but Great game every one should have it, but you should make it so when you put a card down the whatever pops up. Enjoy it!

Like's nd Dont's_philippines I've playing this game for almost 2years and i loved the battling system. Thou i dont hav much epic cards cause i think it can appear when spending real money on runes. I agree on d other comment i read, what's the use of inbox nd alliance f they they dont really exist! Hopping for new updates pls! I really loved this game :-) #harbringer Must have

Good game But it should have a warning before any purchase can done to avoid any unintentionaly clicking . Superb!

addictive until you reach the dead mistress and then you realize you cannot beat her 11 attack 11 def cards with your weak cards unless you buy rare card on online purchase Brilliant

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