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It is amazing. Easy to learn, and easy to play. The tutorial is extremely helpful and thorough, that is if you couldn't figure it out yourself (it is very self-explanatory). The cards and heroes are amazing, and the armor helps. Definitely download if you like card games. But, it can't be played without internet. Awesome

Great game fun and I don't have to be on it 24-7 to defend my progress. Only issue really is that while playing online with other players for ranking and prizes, right before you beet your aponet the log off. Meaning you've wasted you're time and are no further ahead. Besides that it's about perfect. Perfect!

Good card game. Not as good as hearthstone but if you have a crappy phone like me at least you can still play a decent card game without using all of your memory Pretty good

Dear server this is my first time to play that game and i really amaze that game is so cool and the graphic so realistic.. But the problem is when i used to play this using may mobile data connection i can't connect from the server.. What is the problem.. Dear server can you help me please to fix my problem.. Thank you.. Perfect!

It's unfair. Way too luck based. If I start with a good deck, i win, but then if I start with bad deck lineup, i lose no matter what. Very unfair. And on higher levels I can only have my turn first as long as I can't use any card in my starter deck. When I did get a good start the enemy will always start first. Marvelous

Compared to Hearthstone, the UI and the flow of the game is a bit clunky. I can't look at my own cards while opponent has his turn, AOE dmg hits one at a time instead of all at once, which makes the attack very slow. I find myself tapping away, to make things go "faster". Tune up the animations and gameplay flow and its 5 stars. Really fun game overall with a lot of potential. Great job

this game is the best of its kind. rough around the edges when it comes to getting cards and theres so little of boosts you can get without microtransactions which sucks but the gameplay is the best and the cards are super cool. the multiplayer kinda sucks because MLG pros will trash you because they've been playing for 365 years and have gathered all the best cards. leveling up is slow but even with the bad things i find myself really really enjoying this game. some new powerful cards to be added in the future pls maybe? lol :) Pretty good

This is a very good game but I have trouble controling the card sometimes. It's the most aggrevating in the tower because you cannot undo the card you pick by mistake. I am not sure about good decks in the tower, but they almost there. Perfect

Good game but the campaign makes up for poor AI with ridiculously OP cards. Multiplayer constantly disconnects, making actually finishing a game difficulty. Pretty good

I'm kinda addicted to this game. No joke this game is really good. Easy to learn. However in the beginning it really all about luck if you get the over powered cards in your first big treasure opening or pack opening. Also, the 100 rune treasure opening is WAY better than the 150 rune pack. Fabulous!

Good game, but incomplete. The game is good, but very little is explained and some features do not work. Very little is updated, it is like they abandom this project, but still good to kill some time. Highly Recommend.

Addictive and enjoyable Love it. Very addictive and an enjoyable tactical card game. Need to spend a little but worth a little dabble if you like these kind of games. No bugs thus far. Keep up the good work, an online live random pvp would be great. Recommend

Awful Tutorial, great gameplay The tutorial barely teaches you how to play. Instead of giving you free will and making better choices; the game makes you play the dumbest things. Like I used to play MTG professionally, but the tutorial is soooo watered down when the real gameplay comes in you barely know what is going on Amazing!

Its addiction lvl is over 9000!! Very fun game with plenty to keep you busy. Easy to progress without spending a ton of money. Maintains difficulty throughout campaign. Multi-player is nice, however I would love to see more rewards for ranking and possibly even more interactions between players. Perhaps fixed conversation options? Overall, a very fun strategic card game. Easily my favorite game I have so far! Keep it up!! Not bad

Decent Good game. Lots of strategy. A little slow and glitchy sometimes. It is a pay to win game unless you play all the time. Superb!

Love it no bugs like a lot of other ones,you don't have to spend money if you don't want to,I replay areas to leave up and save up my gems,you don't have to wait to keep playing I play all day,would love more free cards and a speed up battle button,all good highly recommended. Muito bom!

Love it Im loving this, I just hope the cardbase is being updated!...BUT,I do not know how to use equipment weapons...some of them say it happens when you use your heroic ability,and it does, but the rest that do not say that on the card just never happen. I searched online and nothing came up. Add it to the tutorial or make all of them happen when you use your ability or at least tell me how! Omg

So it's cool. Card game, turn based, not too much push for pay, no ads so far. Only complaint is the game is a bit hard to get at first, but just keep playing and you get the hang of it. Well done!!

Notta bad game Graphics are noce runs smooth the only con is it boots me off the game from time to time make an update for it n itll be alot better :) Enjoy it!

Galaxy S6 This game isn't as cartoony and whimsical as Hearthstone, and it isn't as long and tedious as Magic. This is the optimal midway, the perfect card game for mobile. Just serious enough, easy to learn, and great fun to play. Works perfectly

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