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Sometimes when I discard a card it drops into the far right slot instead (I have to be careful). Otherwise, this is a great game with a free card daily and you don't have to pay to win. Real strategy comes later when you have a variety of cards and know their strengths. Highly recommended deck building game. Not bad

I liked it its adictive very chalenging bt yet playable like that u upgrade maybe should b able 2 build ur hero or a card ect Brilliant

This is a very addicting game. I've already lost many nights playing it, with no more sleep. But it's totally worth it! Great!

Epic bosses still broken, daily rewards keep resetting even when game is played every day. Technical issues aside, it's quite fun but seems to be abandoned by devs. Superb!

Bit difficult to get into coming from yugioh. I can see a lot of ptw and I've only been playing for few hours now. Worth a go!

F2P need not apply. The game is fun but not well balanced. Progress happens slower than a snails pace and the ui has a few speed issues that add to just enough to be annoying but not enough to ruin the game. If you are f2p then just mess around with the campaign for a while and call it a day, otherwise be prepared for a long grind. love it

Looks beautiful, but I have an idea, how about a make your own card game? Have a customizable health, defence, and stamina have a level unlock or currency unlock mechanic for upgrading the cards attributes, it's obviously a long shot, but I personally think it's a great idea and I'll help out, I am going to college to be a game developer, but I'd love to actually see how it works and learn to do it at any circumstances. Fabulous!

This game, like many others, is designed to persuade you to spend money in the hopes of defeating other players who have no advantage in skill, but rather more expensive cards, and many of them. It's a scam, but amusing while you don't buy anything. Recommend

The game is great don't get me wrong. Prob best card game in the store. But as you progress levels you will start to see that you will be fighting opponents with nothing but legendary or rare cards. You can't beat them with a standard deck. No chance at all. Seems like the pay cards are highly unbalanced.. maybe should have a limit on how many rare and legendary cards you can have in a deck or something. When my opponent plays 3 gold cards in a row I just quit. Fighting equal opponents is enjoyable however. wow lol

Nicely put together not as fleshed out as other card battle games I've played (so hoping someone would pick up a contract to port gwent from the witcher... hint hint gamesloft... I think the level progression is slow but if you get the hang of it it turns out to be easy Omg

It's ok, something to waste the hours away. Would recommend TCG WW2 and TCGs Heroes empire which are both for for greater games without the need to spend actual money. Great!

A decent enough card combat game. Has a good play mechanic, but let down by several annoyances. Most cards have special abilities. Opponent's cards flash up so quickly you can't read them. Batter of all the abilities in play at once it gets quite difficult to follow why you or the opponent have just taken. You can't check your cards while your opponent is playing which is particularly frustrating. Works perfectly

The first level guys are noticbly overpowered. You get your ass kicked throughout a match and it gets frustrating but two can play at that game and it does come back in your favor usually. Overall pretty good. Prices suck. Gotta constantly grind to get gems but it's pretty cool otherwise Not bad

Great game with a balanced payment system. I've gotten epic cards from spending 1000 gold on a card draw. You can excel at this game if you use a superior strategy rather than dollars. There are a lot of ways to play as well as a long campaign. I like how you can combo build your minions/abilities to overcome almost anything anyone throws at you. I usually don't review apps but gameloft helped me recover my profile after it got deleted so I had to show them some love. There are two things I don't lime about this game. 1. If you uninstall your game, you will lose your progress, resources and cards. Back your game up and tie it to some other profiles immediately. Do not get lazy or you could lose your game if your phone dies. 2. I would like to see a way to battle specific players. I like a lot of the multiplayer options, but it would be sweet to battle a friend sitting next to you in the card dueling title. The game is legit and will keep your attention for a long time. Highly Recommend.

Engaging gameplay from enough familiar mechanics to make it easy to learn, but just the right amount of fresh ideas to make it hard to master. The market system is very well-balanced, as is almost every other aspect that is traditionally lopsided in CCGs. Superb!

This game becomes so difficult during later stages that you cannot beat the campaign without buying cards. Then it becomes cumbersome as you have to try more than 20 times per stage to clear it. Literally Fantastic

tldr: Worth a go. Good take on the tcg format, but not as deep as something like hearthstone. What this game does well though is in having a more developed campaign, with some serious difficulty built in. You have to buy a couple of packs to get the most out of the game without some serious grinding, but if you don't feel bad putting a little money into a game then you don't have to go overboard to make a big difference. I'd like to see more depth in the card interactions for a perfect rating. At the moment I'd call it moderate complexity compared to other tcgs, on a scale of 1-magic. Definitely worth a go. Great job

A great game. Very addictive. Good story line also great to play against other players. Only started playing two days ago. Still loving the whole thing. Perfect

Game is addictive and fun. Just wish it was easier to get the same common/uncommon cards so you can build a consistent deck. Otherwise, amazing and really interesting. Muito bom!

I love this game, have loved it for a while until it started crashing on my apple, and now it's crashing on the new Samsung s5 which it really shouldn't. It's unplayable and therefore gets a 1. Must have

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