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The duel cards game is awesome. Use all different hero and it's very cool deck game. Worth it!

Best graphics.....only problem is that there is no store for buying cards individually. Also runes are acquired very low in number. Can introduce events for gaining runes. Should introduce fixed daily rewards. Just wow

Very addictive game. Good graphics .it took me 2hrs to understand game. But as we go high the levels are very touch so I am unable to defeat opponent Highly Recommend.

It's a really cool card game. The only problem was that I couldn't start battling in the tower. Highly Recommend.

Game is fun but I get the same cards over and over when I buy card packs. Also the higher you get in the levels the more hard they are to beat. Some levels are impossible to beat. I spend real money to get better cards and it never happens. Please fix to be able 5o get better cards. Fabulous!

Good strategic card game but reward system is frustrating. Devs need to explain how daily rewards work.. still waiting for day five rewards and been playing daily for about 2 weeks. Must have

I love the game. Only problem I had was losing my progress and having to start from the beginning. Flawless

I love playing the card game and easy and good app. Our nephew and niece play again each other. Enjoy it!

Good but daily rewards reset to day 1 even though I play every day so I never get the better rewards Not bad

Matchmaking takes too long. Not sure if still there a player playing this game. Cant play with friend, like with facebook friend or something. By the way. Nice game though. Not bad

Love it! But the campaign gets a little hard when your opponent has twice your health... Flawless

Cool game definitely one of the best TCG Games I can't even imagine how awesome it would be to have an offline mode, kudos developers Awesome

Great card game. The only one I play. Before work, at lunch, and after dinner. I'm hooked in. Works perfectly

Good choice of champions with the ability to choose cards for all plus some specialized to your champion. Lots to do Works great

Good game, I'm been playing for more than 2 years now and it's still my go to game Perfect

Great game, probably my favorite, wish more attention was given by devs and some new content would make it even better wow lol

Really love the game! Simple mechanics but challenging and fun. Although, to be able to get good cards, you really have to pay for them or work extra extra hard. Otherwise you're stuck Brilliant

I have played the game for a long time and it is always a fun game to kill the time Superb!

It's a better card game than most of what's on the play store. It's also guilty of doing what all the rest do. Push you into making purchases for better cards. Good

One of the best tcg's online I've played so far. Awesome Card art and great game play. A lot of fun and challenging. If you like card games this is a must have. Must have for tcg players. The best I've come across so far. Superb!

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