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I had the same issue as everyone else. You need to log out... Reset and URL needs to have "Https" not "http". Cheers Omg

I just got a samsung galaxy s 8. And micro will not work on it. Micros will not connect to server. I have tried everything I can think of and yes I have the https// on there. Worth a go!

This app used to work on my old phone (which was an android) and doesn't work on my new phone ( which is an android). After reading other comments this seems to be an ongoing issue. So I called the number in the response left by Oracle on the other comments. Same answer, outs being worked on but doesn't know when the issue will be resolved. love it

Ever since the new update this month I'm unable to look at my sales or anything on the app. It is saying unable to connect to server. My internet works fine and this app was working great before the new update. I've unistalled and reinstalled the app multiple times. This is frustrating. Not bad

Im using V3 22 77 for android , samsung s7! I dont have the left bar functionality at all its just a blank screen compared to my other colleagues using this app from an I phone which is much more useful to them compared to android! Is there any reason or how can i get the app workimg 100% with all options available? Marvelous

Disappointing, only shows sales and labour, time cards don't work, guest checks don't work as in the screen shot, left menu does not work at all, (just a brown blank menu) Phone is a Galaxy s8 with upto date OS updates installed. Just wow

The app is ok but seems to work better with ios than with android. I too am having the issue when trying to look at more detailed reports such as average cheque or tip amount when clicking the icon in top right corner it only shoes a brown screen. When I first installed this app I had access to all of the other information but now am only privy to the main screens such as sales and discounts etc. Would love to have the rest back and would happily change my review Works perfectly

It was working great when I first installed it, now it doesn't show the labor control. That's what I need the most to be able to view employee hours Not bad

I am using v 7.22 on Samsung S7 android and the left menu option does not work. I only get a blank screen with the version #. I have unistalled and reinstall but still. Worth it!

Hi I cannot log out to change the password so I can see my whole area instead of just my store Great job

Can't see menu on left. Old version of app had an option for check staff clock in times, check look up etc. wow lol

I'm using V3 22 77 for Android. Sales and other stats graphs update with around a 30 minute delay so all ok there, but there's no menu on the left, just a blank brown screen. Many others have reported the same issue on the Android version where the Apple version appears to give far more information. Why is this? Other than this, I get occasional "server not found" errors but these usually clear by restarting the app. Worth it!

Doesn't do much besides show timecards. Everything else is either wrong or 10-20 minutes behind in-store reports. With the most recent update does not work at all. I would suggest giving it more features like the ability to edit time cards and to look at the Day-Part sales from previous day's to compare. Superb!

Love the app but got a new phone the other day and it's asking me to put in a URL, every time I do it tells me it's incorrect. Does anybody know? Amazing!

This app does not function to share the report on what s app, i have to take a screen shot and then have to share share on what s app with the team. Brilliant

inconsistent works sometimes. doesn't work sometimes. I'm sure I'll get the same BS response like the rest, to contact customer support so we can fix the issue. issue is doesn't work. as a consumer of your product that is broken, I should be refunded any time it doesn't work. Superb!

Works sommetimes When it works its awesome but too many freezes too many crashes and sometimes doesn't update to the next day

Why do you need Device and App history? Why do you need my device and App history? Remove these permission requirements!

Getting better Good to see a few more useful updates, like actually able to read the check details.

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