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I have used this app for over a year with no dramas but since the recent updates I get a playback error evertime I try load a video or stream. Optus won't respond to my fault that I logged either. If I could rate it 0 stars I would! Seriously Optus get your s**t together! love it

Works fine most of the time. But recently all the match highlights/short videos of the matches are gone. These little 3 to 4 mins were perfect if you couldn't watch the match live and wanted to see what happened without skipping through the whole match. Not happy. Perfect

Actually a pretty good app. Works fine for me. Got it with the 100 nbn package, nice deal. Could have more option in the side menu to help navigate through videos easier. Good

Works fine, including with Chromecast. Not sure what the 1 star reviews are on about. It's not great, looking for particular games on demand is a bit clunky and not all content appears to be available. Perfect!

HOW I FIXED THE APP ISSUES. 1. Uninstall. 2. Restart phone. 3. Re install app. I did this today and now i can watch live and on demand on the full screen of my phone. I have a galaxy s8. I hope this helps some of you. My issues occured after the app update on 7 Dec Works perfectly

Never had a problem with this Optus app. Although not sure why some videos are not available on the day of a game. Perfect

App doesn't reliably remember where you are up to when watching video. Otherwise it's ok. 5 star

It was fine for months but now is constantly buffering and jerky frame rates, missing a hell of a lot of action. Always seems to be right as the ball moves into the box, it's cruel. Even just for highlight videos and On Demand, not just live games Must have

Used to work well but lately cant even watch games i pay for because quality is horrible. Cant even tell which player has the ball Go well

Annoyed with the app. Has cricket on it and can't watch it. I could ladt season but not this season. I'd like to why ? Fantastic

Come on guys, what the point updating this app if it's stop working afterwards? Please fix the issue ... Recommend

Disappointed with the app this epl season. Nothing but poor streaming quality, disconnects from Chromecast. Flawless

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The best way to watch EPL in Australia. ( probably the only way really). Good highlights shows if only Blackburn Rovers can get back up Well done!!

If you are having start-up crashing issue, this fixed it on my S7. Do exactly this: Uninstall App, restart your phone, reinstall App. Should now work. If this fixed it for you, please share so others can finally watch EPL on their mobile again! Good luck! Omg

Maybe the fact the Foxtel app is so unbelievably bad, it makes Optus Sport look great by comparison. But while it's missing a few features and occasionally drops at peak periods, on the whole, it's a solid app and service. One thing would be nice is if the app did a better job remembering where you were up to watching a video if the app crashes, connection drops or you just close out the app. Worth a go!

Only 4 and not 5 due to lagging with Chromecast. Otherwise brilliant. Love the 'every goal overnight' highlights wow lol

This app is brilliant. No lags or bad quailty. Very happy Optus includes this for free on my plan. 5 star any day Great job

Dropped a star because it has bricked my phone, also struggles to play videos at times, quality can be quite bad, and sometimes get errors. When it works I love it. Worth it!

When it works it's amazing. Had a few service outages however so not a perfect score. Recommend

Only Foxtel fanboys would bag this app. Live streams and catch up is brilliant. This is how you deliver sport services. Good

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