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One Note could be better. Keeps saying there are conflicting data with some of my notes even though files have different names. I couldn't identify the conflict. Perfect!

Overall, it's a perfect app, but it keeps showing conflicts on new notes, conflicts that can not be resolved and makes impossible to continue writing on the same note. If this issue will be solved, it will be worth 5*. Just wow

Some conflicts force you to go on windows version online and delete the last change you made. It happens often if you use it on more than one devices. Word prediction becomes disabled if you return back to change a word love it

Very flexible. Can add anything anywhere - no more messing about with putting pictures in boxes that clash with each other. Often updated with suggestiins from users. Fantastic

I was really excited to be taking notes with OneNote. However, theres are so many bugs. 1. The eraser doesn't work. It erases things far away from the actual object needed to be erased. 2. When you zoom out and want to write on something in, for eg, the extreme right corner, it jumps you back to under the title. 3. I've renamed my notebook on my laptop. It seems to be renamed properly there , however, on my tablet and phone it still picks up as the previous name. 4. It tells you that it cannot sync sometimes, no matter how many times you try to manually sync it. But a restart of the application does the trick... As an university student, I need things to happen quickly. I can't be worrying if the app decides to work or not because I may miss valuable information during a lecture/meeting. It seems that many are people have these concerns, and I can see that they're not being addressed. Fabulous!

please put a pin lock when opening app, and the latest update have issues, my notes are not syncing, I have to try at least 3times to sync notes with my 10mbps wifi network? Superb!

Unable to sign in, using my 365 account. I keep getting a0xE0000648 error. Deleted and readded, reset my account, nothing corrects it. UPDATE.. after update, over note opens successful. Great!

Desktop version can add new notes to the top, this feature is still missing on mobile. scrolling all the way down to get the recent ones is tedious. Must have

i actually love onenote, and i use it on all my devices. the only thing keeping me from giving this app 5 stars is the fact that the text cursor skips around. it erases things far away from what i'm trying to erase, it retypes the last word i typed whenever i move to a different section of the note, and sometimes when i type, it types in a different spot from where i'm trying to type. i love onenote, but this makes it so frustrating to use, because i just don't have time to keep trying to get my work done. it's irritating because it works great on my laptop, but the app on my phone just isn't working well for me. Good

I love the cross-platform capabilities. I can bring in any content from my phone, roughly organize it and then reopen it later on my laptop to put it final form. This has been extremely helpful in many different contexts! Works perfectly

I love OneNote and have used it for years. It's a great digital notebook, like the large 5 subject notebook I had in school. Now I don't have to look for the small pieces of paper I write things on and lose, everything is in OneNote, filed, labeled and easy to find. Not bad

There are lots of note apps now but Onenote still stands up. I've used it since it first came out. They've constantly enhanced it. Seamless integration with the PC version. I'm pleased it now had the ability to use the stylus too. Worth a go!

I have used OneNote for years and really like the ability to use it on my phone, tablet and pc. The o my problem I have with it is the difficulties in deleting old and obsolete notebooks. Also the difficulties in renaming notebooks. It has a huge problem syncing those even inside the online interface. Must have

I don't know, I just feel like it is missing so many good features. That's disapointing but understandable It is newish and cloud based (bad for these low performance devices). The real issue is that I have had many, many sync issues. It is sad this could be great but.... it's free. Recommend

I've used One note since it 1st came on the market 2003? Use it for everything that concerns records, currently taking 2 classes using it along with the snip tool to capture screen shots of professors lectures to reduce physical note taking since I have nerve damage in my hand. Add an occasional recording within the app & I have everything I need. Cut & paste into Word for me formal papers. Love it! Enjoy it!

Good app, but it keeps nagging me about "conflicting changes" on a page that I've only ever opened on my phone. Makes no sense. Perfect

One note is beyond a review. I did not use it before i bot this samsung galaxy s3. I take notes all the time and I have been paperless for the past 1 year. This is only possible because one note has come in handy. I sync all my notes / pictures/ business cards through one note and access it on any devices that I carry - it could be iphone or desktop computer. With onenote bagde I can easily access it and also keep them in selection from the spen Omg

Great app to make quick and deatiled notes, even better it works with multiple platforms. Worth it!

Really useful for everyday lists and other stuff. Used to monitor migraines too as easier than specially designed apps for that. Great job

It is more than five years I am using one note and it has improved with each upgrade, it is my main repository for all types of day to day info Cool

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