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Transferred every thing over with no problems. I even surprised myself how easy it was to set up on my old phone Awesome

Fast easy to pair, xfer data, text msgs, call logs, even apps so u don't have to find again. Perfect!

Cant fault it, needed to transfer things from my old phone to my new one and it does it easily. Easy guide to figure out, straight forward love it! Go well

It's OK. Seemed to take a long time and had to dig in the help section to get settings to transfer from my older handset -not intuitive in that respect. Works perfectly

Good way to promote loyalty for such a great brand of smartphone. The Xperia is a great phone and this app allows you to upgrade without losing anything or struggling to transfer stuff over. Worth it!

A bit to go. Instead of warning you the sending device hasn't enough space to populate the relevant files, it just hangs there at 'preparing 31 out of 31 apps' for over 2 hours. Secondly if an app fails to transfer, in my case 2 of them, it doesn't tell you which 2! Other than those simple problems it's an efficient contender for move everything including home screen layout in a timely fashion over WiFi or traditional USB or sd long as it's not hung... Marvelous

It transfers data, including trickier things such as SMS history with no hassle and no fluff. Does one thing and does it exceptionally well. This is not a trial, adware, nor bloatware. Flawless

Installed and it copied all my Xperia Z1 stuff to Xperia XZ1 via NFC within an hour, cool Brilliant

Works but room for improvement. Notes and what'sapp not included. Establish Connection time is 5 mins. love it

After buying new phone I was worried about the data in the old phone, this app made it soo easy to get all my data back conveniently Must have

Great utility, pin code Auth and transfer via wifi didn't work but nfc was brilliant Awesome

What's not to like? Does what it says, transfers data quickly and easily. No set up, just install on both devices, choose pin or nfc. Pairing method, and go. Worth it!

بطور کلی خوب بود و بسیار کاربردی Brilliant

After several attempts it finally transferred my data. Connection error issue was there. Took ridiculously 3 hrs just for 3.88 gb data transfer. Xender can transfer this much data in a few minutes. Just wow

Great app. Easy to use and it makes life a breeze when switching to a new phone! Well done!!

Awesome app. Really easy to set up and transfer all from old Z5 compact to new xz premium. All 27GB moved in under 2 hours and both phone were fully functional throughout. Pretty good

Absolute belter. Made my job easier by helping transfer all the apps I needed to my new device. Perfect

Did the transfer flawlessly and quickly would definitely recommend to anyone upgrading or changing phones Worth a go!

This is one of the most efficient transfer app you can get. It's convenient to choose the content you want to transfer. It's handy, you don't have to be a geek to know how to transfer your files from the old phone. Very recommended! Fantastic

App did the job and transferred all my info and apps from old to new phone. Only negative : it took forever! Literally 12 hrs or more by wifi Worth it!

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