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Most amazing game ever I'll never stop playing! Superb!

Good but I bought legendary chemist skill and it didn't give it to me. So I bought it again but still nothing. And it seemed to slow my mining down Edit: nevermind it just doesn't show the checkmark on it love it

I like the app but i have an issue with popup ads, im tapping then bam right un the app store Cool

Great game This game was exciting at first but I was able to beat the game in a couple of hours. This game would be incredibly if they added more content and added a reset feature like most tap games Surprisingly

Awsone The best game ever it just like cookie Clicker the best glitch is the one keep get money Works perfectly

Great game but some glitches or bugs I love the game and the writing at the top of the screen, but now I tell you some bugs. When I do the mission 'Mayor favour' twice and then try to do the mission 'Sell illegally' it glitches out won't let me do the mission and says I have -4 or 0 workers. Also when I 'recruit security' it doesn't give me any protection against raiders. Apart from that this game is GREAT and really fun to play. Thanks for reading ☺☺ Brilliant

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