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Bad ui This game needs a ui overhaul, I'm sorry but it horrendously ugly. I love the game play tho.

Kinda sad Just paid money for this game and it shakes and does not run well when the free version does not have any problems that's kinda stupid please fix and I'll change my rating HTC desire

Great but lots of bugs could be better Crashes alot also when your tuning your rides front end nothing changes sits low and the rear sits high should be able to make it level please fix these things and then I'll give it 5 stars Surprisingly

Needs Improvement Fun but some levels are very glitchy and seem incomplete. Utah levels in particular so far have holes where u fall through levels into nothing and or cannot winch over obstacles making a couple of them practically impossible to complete. If these problems are fixed thein it will make for a far better game. Using Adobe Air made no difference at all. Recommend

It's ridiculously hard to earn money. Works perfectly

Great game Make more levels. Becasue its a great game. I think there should be a desert level and mudding level Omg

My opinion It's a little tough but I love it! I bought the pro version. It needs more attachments Go well

Like the game better now but... Wish you had an "exit" button. I have to back up through all of the screens , and kevels I have done to exit the game and then my phone takes forever to catch up once I get back to my home screen. Fix this and its five stars. Good

Wicked game Awesome game guys. I love that the vehicle can be tuned to different terrain and that the mods actually effect the vehicle in a positive or negative way depending on the track or obstacle. The only problem I have is that it freezes every now and again but not enough to lose sleep over. Cheers for the great app. Works perfectly

Fun & Complete(S4 GLITCHES) Love the game and realistic upgrades, which there are lots of. The physics could use some work, but still very fun. GALAXY S4 ON UTAH ROCKY RIVER FIRST BIG TOWER MY TRUCK DRIVES INTO INVISIBLE HOLE IN MAP PLEASE FIX 5 star

Love it but a few issue's Greatest off road crawling game ever created but the transfer from lite to pro, but yea like another guy said the use of diff locks, axle swaps, maybe the add of 4runners?? Cool idea I think. Steel plated bumpers and other off road cool stuff. But the biggest fix is the transfer from lite to pro!!! Also on pro the the 3rd to last map, every level has a glitch that you fall thru... Great job

Stick with the free version The trucks and upgrades do not carry over from lite to pro. There is still the issue with facebook. Bottom line its a great game you can get for free . Flawless

Great game but... This is the best rock crawling game on any platform but it could be even better if: 1. Use of diff locks 2. Increased damage to prevent simply putting foot and clearing obstacles. If these mods are added it would be the perfect off road game. Is there any chance of adding this in the game? Fabulous!

#adding-friends I love this game! Sooo awesome finally a fix for that crawlin itch. Unfortunately it's got a few glitches but still awesome.

#killing-time Best game ever!! I never rate games but I have to rate this one! Ive played your crawl 4x4 several times on different phones and love it. But this one. Freakin sweet! Awesome graphics and locations and parts. I'm very in to wheelin in real life with an 85 yota I have built and all the parts and specifics in this game are spot on. Even down to basic prices. Love this game. Would love for you guys to update and continue improving on or make others like this game! Maybe for ps3/ps4/xbox? :) great game!

Fun game......but....! Hard to get money. Liking the sponsors on FB does not work. Keeps crashing, fun game anyway.

Don't update Don't update you'll lose all you vehicles the transfer didn't work. I had all but 2 of the vehicles maxxed out and now all I have is a stripped jeep and $42. Screw you hoverdog. I've been waiting months for this update and no all my vehicles are gone. Muito bom!

Fun but not worth the money! Only took a few hours play time to beat it.. More levels are a must.. great game other than that... Recommend to download Offroad Nation™ Pro APK.

great game but..... great game but...... once you get to utah there is holes on the maps on the first and last level... Must have

S4 Plays great but fall off map some times and locks up also got gold in everything in a day runing out of stuff to do love the game though keep it coming Not bad

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