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Too many ads and useless notifications. Its not what I want from .xls and .doc reader Recommend

Reading some reviews which do injustice to your team's efforts. Only commenting after seeing your team provides feedbacks. Anyway its a great app,now came looking for it as I used it on my old handset. Cheers Highly Recommend.

Great app! Obviously Microsoft Office is a rip off if you can get a comparable product like OfficeSuite from MobiSystems for free or very little money for extras if you need them. Fabulous!

I love it. While searching in xl it is quite flexible. Was my all time favourite since birth of smart phone. But last few days I was using polaris. I got annoying moments. So changed immediately and returned to here at mobisystems. Thanks. Request to lessen the cost of paid app. 5 star

Such a great application.I can do every thing i.e my office work on excel sheet, make any types of reports etc very eaisly from any time from any where....What a great experience. I would to thanks full to all the team...Thanks developers to make a great application..... Good Luck..... Worth it!

Way to many adverts, I understand you can pay to remove them, but constant pop ups very irritating. Plus awkward to use on a phone. Just wow

The only problem I have with this app is that we have to upgrade to be able to access other features. Works perfectly

I couldn't open some important files on my phone after trying a few apps this is the only one that worked thanks Flawless

This is a decent app, unfortunately it doesn't display excel worksheets correctly, I have an excel accounts sheet and this programme does not display the charts correctly. Enjoy it!

It is amazing and much better than google pdf viewer.... Bcoz google pdf viewer is unable to read all pdf files...So I loved it... love it

OfficeSuite (the $19.95 version) is by far the best Office System on available on Android. The ability to Close a file would be a plus and displaying the file name would really help. The file name is displayed on the iPad version. Just wow

Writing x square in mathematical terms is next to impossible. There should not be any space between x and square. Please fix it. Cool

Great app for the casual or mid level business person to use in between your main terminals. Great work aid. Fantastic

An all in one app for all your office needs, It helps me to quickly edit documents, and presentations on the go! Superb!

I have this version of the App which I have upgraded to a full license for $19.95. Given that Advertisements no longer appear, I presume that is what occurred. This version enables my using my Samsung Tab Pro 10.1, with a Bluetooth Keyboard, as though it is a Windows Tablet. My particular interest is for Presentation SLIDES and Documents. The features for Slides are certainly adequate, but it could use a "Close" command to enable Slide Files to be shut down. Also, occassionally the Slide Thumb Nails disappear and I cannot determine how to restore them. Thumbnails are a must for me. The rather minimal User Guide states to return / restore the Thumbnails enter into the LANDSCAPE MODE, but it doesn't tell one how to accomplish that result - and the term Landscape does not appear on any of the Ribbons?? Also, it appers to apply themse, one has to have a connection to the Internet. Why are they not downloaded wth system. Other than those items, it is perfect for my needs -- I give presentations on a variety of subjects at the University Level. Keep adding features such as I noted and you shoud be able to acquire users wishing to replace eliance on the far less capable PowerPoint on Android Tablets -- if you're not already, The best PowerPoint replacement on a Samsung Tablet that I have found. Brilliant

thankyouuu so much,im having a trouble opening our PowerPoint that my teacher made,so many thanks to Office Suite i get to view all our PowerPoint! Marvelous

I preffer this one better than Polaris because it doesn't demand registration. The ads are a bit annoying but I guess no one can have everything for free. Surprisingly

Since I started to use smartphone I never missed to keep it in my device, thanks and good job to you all (team) Amazing!

It good for reading materials and there is little bit of a problem is there like loading process is slow and another thing all doc are not opening in this so develop it for supporting all type of doc wow lol

I'm rating the free version, it's not very functional. I wish Sony came with a better built in file explorer. Recommend

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