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Style over substance? Putting this on trial as an alternative to the file-losing Quick office. It is very slick and presents itself well but appears light on features. Something it could certainly use is an option to automatically duplicate files saved to cloud storage since all it does when you try to open an offline file away from WiFi is tell you you can't.

CEO Dinky Designs / Inventor I use Office suite to do my college assignments on my tablet android and using Microsoft Office is mandatory to send documents....great stuff!

A useful app Can use your phone as a laptop to edit docx, read PDFs and even upload to cloud storages. Now I can finish the presentations on the way. :D

The Best This app is the best but the problem is if you insert the picture you cant separate them so if there's a way to solve my problem please email me thank you

Very helpful! Been using this App for more than 2 years now and it has been very helpful in my Studies, esp when I need to cram and do fastreading on Lectures. All I need to do is flick on my smartphone and open this. It is well-organized too and easy to use. Thumbs up!

Amazing app Its a awesme file its upadates are always high in size.....plz manage it...nd if it cmes wid any hidding feature...means to hide any imprtant files nd would be bst...!!

Mind blowing! This app reallly mind blowing bcz it's help me so much for my presentation n main thing is tht it's really capable to all file format..... Recommend to get OfficeSuite 7 + PDF to Word ! APK.

Extremely speedy PDF reader! This is the only (so far) competent Android PDF renderer. From what I understand it uses a new Adobe SDK and it shows. Unfortunately rather lacking in settings and annotation functions. I care little for the office documents reading features, the PDF reader however is to die for.. Recommend to take OfficeSuite 7 + PDF to Word ! APK.

Very Helpfull! This app helped m a lot in reading my notes and studying...I rate it a five star....if only it can do editing as well..still an awesome application.... Recommend to install OfficeSuite 7 + PDF to Word ! APK.

About ppt! In this version ppt sound is there but all the graphs are not shown and also not the complete animation made by ms ppt 2010. Please fix this.. Recommend to install OfficeSuite 7 + PDF to Word ! APK.

#file-manager Good! I give 4 stars........ Next time I give 5 stars when editing option is added in free version.

#file-manager I like the fact that it is smooth but i don't like the 2 ...! I like the fact that it is smooth but i don't like the 2 things mentioned in my comment. 2 things i don't like about the pdf reader in the first 20 min of usage. 1)the screen doesn't stay on when in full screen mode 2)you can't go the next or previous page untill you zoom completely out.

Great App! Will give it 5 stars when I can move it to my SD card.. Cant have the update on my phone because of lack of space .. Xperia Arc

#file-manager Great App.. If I had the space!! "/ "/! I have same phone as Sarah.. I cant update it as I cant move it to my memory card.. Why is this?? Please fix!!

#google-docs Thanks.....! Good work by you I will be very thankful if I can open .one file stored in my sd card Again thank

Love this....! Can now do more. Great can use on the go. Great uses for college making documents easier to access.

#google-docs Very useful app!! This app was exactly what I was looking for, just something to view/read Microsoft Office items or PDF files. I'm very impressed, considering this is a truly free version. Great job!

images do not display! looks great, but images are not displayed correctly making it useless for me. I have to be able to see (not edit) images.

Good! Nice app for nice features with go to page option. We can go to next page with zoom in, whereas in other we have to make the doc in default mode then go to next page....overall good

This is what I needed! Awesome, can open all my business powerpoints and movie. Little lag in rendering but that's ok.

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