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Please resolve this problem while select another cell paste beside cell into cell Highly Recommend.

OfficeSuite is by far the best Office App on Android. It does crash if one uses Keyboard "Ctl X" for cut and paste for slides on my (this) Samsung Tab Pro 10.1. Showing the File Name on the top of the displayed file would be very helpful. File recovery does not seem to work well, but just remember to repeatedly use Ctl S. Can save file to local storage, Dropbox, etc. Surprisingly

Not free as I think it should be. Always ask to add missing font, but nothing is missing. And when u click, it will directly lead u to Play Store, which u must pay. Go well

Amazing option for my office app.....still unable to migrate to pro version. Tried severally but improvements are awesome Flawless

Can I access my app that is on my mobile be able to access it on a desk top?.... Because I tried it before and it did not grant me access it displayed something different Well done!!

Ive neve knew this app is gonna be so much easier instead of the other app that has to make account and login first for just to write a simple note. Thx mobi & devs! Gr8 work you got here! Omg

I can't view my documents in your website! I have to install the application?? But why? I need an option to just download/open my files from online drive. Superb!

It was better. I still wish there was sound when U open the app so that it would be easier to erase things. And now cannot erase things in drive and can't get to it from phone. love it

من فکر ميکردم app store خيلي عاليه ولي الان که با google play کار ميکنم به همون اندازه ،شايدم بيشتر لذت ميبرم عاشقش شدم Not bad

Although this seams to be a great app itself is extremely long a intense interview of the project will give me a bit more about this. Will follow up with a review after I can enjoy this software Cool

I love this app but I can't find out how to rename pdf patterns I have downloaded. Can you help me? Just wow

Competent office suite. But in spite of having the words "Free" and "PDF" in the app title, export to PDF is not free. Awesome

When are you guys going to develop an "insert chart" option on word? And I'd heavily suggest you to let us split the screen even on lower versions of Android utilizing just an instance of the program. It would be very useful for me since I need to open a PDF and a Word document at the same time most of the time in order to edit it. Otherwise great app. I'm really interested in buying the pro version but I'm waiting for those functions to come by first. Marvelous

Using only to view the documents. If guide is available, would definitely like to study the features for what you have asked the reviews. Fantastic

It's just too simple for me to use and has a lot of added functions. Great stuff the design team. Good

This app best for me I would like this more then other store app Bcz this app provide me everything that I want for PowerPoint love it

Super easy to use, allows me to do professional work on my phone without having to haul out my laptop each time Works perfectly

I've been using this app for about 3 years now. It's my mobile office. Thanks to the developers. Great!

My go to for documents on my phone. Easy to use and fairly easy to draft, edit, and view documents on the go! Perfect

Good app. But, at least printing should be available in free version. Thank you. Highly Recommend.

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