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I enjoy using this app. Does everything MS does and I am not missing a beat. I can work on my assignments and then take over from my laptop when I get home. Great software. Thank you MobySystems!! Must have

Wonderful , it has Essen my work , currently can write and share documents in different format using my mobile phone Muito bom!

A great free alternative to MS Word, managed to use it very successfully on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Enjoy it!

This app is very important and also a helpful app. I can use it to do my assignment and activities and stuff. Surprisingly

I've spent many months trying to find a way to open files using hyperlinks on Android with no success and then OfficeSuite appeared and all is beautiful. The only reason I gave it 5 stars is that I can't give it 10. Not bad

It's an excellent tool to use. I use it daily sometimes hourly. This manages my everyday operation. Bill paying, meals menus, and most importantly anything I want to use it for. Cool

With the look of things it seem to me you got the best window in the phone I love it, it good on the go. love it

My file how can I past in office suite and how to save my files in other folders ,how? Must have

I like this but the notifications keep popping up whenever I use a Document or a PowerPoint or others from Microsoft. love it

Great on the go app. A little hard navigating it the first time but overall GREAT Enjoy it!

Thanks for the explanation, MOBI. MOBI IS better than anything Apple or Microsoft offers! Thank you, MOBI, for the often updates that make this app A++! Amazing!

Versitile and easy to use. Transitions to regular documents smoothly. Editing spacing could be smoother. Overall very useful. Surprisingly

The app allows me check my documents on the go. The issue of missing forms everytime the app is opened should be solved. Amazing!

I don't have Microsoft Word on my laptop, but I don't have to. I love having OfficeSuite on my devices. I can save documents from one device to another using Drive, edit and format anything as if it were Microsoft. Brilliant

Ever since the last update in the document editor, the cursor doesn't seem to show whenever I scroll side-to-side with the space bar or try to delete a sellection by scrolling off the delete button. It just stays in place, but the blue highlight under the words show up. It's not deal-breaking, but it is annoying that I can't use these reliably anymore, since I don't know where the "invisible" cursor is stopped. Worth a go!

Thanks for correcting problem with document retrieval. Much appreciated. Cannot set print area within a page. Can you help here please? Thank you Good

Hi i have purchased this app but after update again asking to pay the full amount. Please help Well done!!

It is a very helpful app for all & it's chat feature is very good. Thanks all of you. Not bad

Thanks for the explanation, MOBI. I appreciate the feedback, but I am not of the mind to continue via a subscription. Hope this does not mean that I will now be flagged with ads. I did pay for this App, so that I would not see ads on every page... Enjoy it!

This app worked perfectly so I bought it, after the update it does not support .odt (open office) files -1 star. Fortunately saving in open office as .doc allows this app to load the document mostly properly. Also the whole font thing is a scam... but I didn't buy that, just saying because this app asks you too -1 star. Fonts are freeware. Marvelous

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