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ازخدمات شما متشکرم وامیدوارم تداوم یابد Cool

Android 6 user. XPERIA E5. Premier version. App dictionary won't accept new words. Pictures won't text wrap. Same problems with Xperia SD. Used with File Commander. Bluetooth icon missing half the time. Keyboard SwiftKey. 5 star

Great app. Works well, ads are not very intrusive in the free version. Overall it is a great office and productivity package. Have since purchased Pro version and it is great. Ads are gone, additional features are amazing. Highly Recommend.

I purchased with some expectation but... many of my class ppt slides cannot be opened properly as its original form eg. Fonts got expanded and covering unnecessary parts. I thought it would be fixed after i purchase font package but it didnt work either so i just refunded the font package. Sorry but its true. Not bad

It's ok, but every time I open the app I get a sound notification. It's really annoying and there seems to be no way to silence it, even though I've ticked the 'no notifications' option. I often need to use my phone silently, which means I can't use the app then. It's so intrusive I'll probably end up uninstalling the app. Works perfectly

It's fine for reading simple text but is sometimes defeated by embedded diagrams. I would never use a mobile phone for serious writing. The drop down menu bar at the top of the screen can be really annoying! Works perfectly

I am not using the premium version, however this free version is good to use. Thanks. Muito bom!

Fast to open documents and layout is fairly familiar to word, great app if I may say Awesome

Great app! Closest app I found to Microsoft Office. Seamless transfers between both programs. I use it all of the time. wow lol

Very Useful application I use it for my collage researches and some of my dad's office works Perfect!

Just learning to use the app, seems to be the most complete and easy to work with that I have found! wow lol

Amazing option for my office app.....still unable to migrate to pro version. Tried severally but improvements are awesome Flawless

PDFのファイルを自在に拡大して見れて、かつ、拡大しても文字はクッキリ。とても重宝しています。 Perfect

This app has potential however it's much to overcrowded, my notification alarm always goes off when I open it... Why? Then a random message will flash in bright colors to notify me of something, not some thing I want when I just want to jot a few notes down which is something a can't justify going premium for. Perfect

It is my best app. But this version is not good because I can not convert Word to pdf file.......plz solve this problem........ Marvelous

Made submitting forms easy after being able to fill them out. Much easier and time saving instead of printing, scanning then sending. Amazing!

Last file always shows in the open apps and is annoying. Have tried to unintelligible and reinstall but no luck. Always in the drag down list Pretty good

Nice app Its useful, if I'm out of home I can't take my books or files or lap,so I save all my files and songs in this. Muito bom!

Extremely useful. Several apps do one thing well, but Officesuite does several things well. Works great on my Galaxy S7. Recommend

This is nice my phone dont really support some of my files to open but with the help of this app its really helpful now and its amazing Surprisingly

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