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A great app which has very high utility on a day-to-day basis. Very user friendly too. Thanks Amazing!

यह एक अच्छा व बहुत ही सुविधा प्रदायक फिचर हैं ईससे मैं अपने एंड्राइड पर अपनी कार्य करने में सुविधा उपलब्ध कराया है । Worth it!

Always amazed by people who made a good application, once again thank u and salute Perfect!

For a free to use app, this is a fab piece of software and seems to be totally compatible with Windows Office Suite. Functions also seem to work correctly. Great!

Its real good app for clg works and office works And easy create word file and ppt also I very happy to using this app Pretty good

there is many problem in excel . Most of the excel sheet shows incorrectly. Please fix it soon. Amazing!

When Microsoft Excel crapped out on me, I downloaded this instead. It does what it's supposed to do, let's me keep my records and spreadsheets, and does it all without giving me sign in problems like Excel has been doing! I see no reason to go back, this program does the job, reliably! Perfect

The app is too intrusive to sell it's premium features. Features are limited for free version. wow lol

It's very useful! It has basic editing features provided that is commonly used. I used this app everyday, very handy everywhere and every time I needed! wow lol

A great save with a quick update fixing my directory mistake was LOL heart felt... But a real shout out for this app is enough to say thanks! Kudos...! Marvelous

The app works great, but it cant read flowcharts from advanced ms word versions...i am unable to transfer and reach such depictions of data 5 star

I wish if there could be more than help while writing on phones. I थे the zoom in to zoom out n vice versa is so annoying with this app Highly Recommend.

It might not be, Microsoft.... Put for what it is, I love it and find it useful. Especially as I work away and on the go most of the time! Fabulous!

I could not find the add-ons menu in the side bar . Help me How can I install font pack . I have personal subscription. I couldn't install font pack 5 star

It did not notify me when there was authentication problem with my configured account. Surprisingly

It is understandable from companies side to have some adds but believe me there are too many! For a non-premium user these repeated adds and notification are just annoying. Pretty good

Limited file format for save, without premium. Useful as sheets generator for other Excel editors. Perfect!

I use this app on my irulu v3 and it's perfect! It allows me to do outlines for story telling and add pictures to thumb note pages with many other useful tools... Great app, very easy to use, I love it. Enjoy it!

Easily the best word processing app for Android. Partly because the competition on this OS is bad but this is the best in town. For I the keyone (awesome phone fyi with great battery and useful phone), it's the best because it allows you to move the cursor around, copy and paste. I wish you could customize the menu bar and bring the find/replace button closer to the left but that's my only complaint. Better than office word and better than docs to go. It loads the file a little slower than docs to go but the rest is way better so get this app if you like writing long documents is the best. Thanks office suite, you made switching from blackberry to Android (a chaotic OS) a lot easier. Muito bom!

Bought this for my 0hone and pc but only get the free version on my pc which is useless. Must have

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