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It very good app. The part enjoy most is where it can allows you to edit documents sent to you. I recommend to any one who want to turn his phone to office to go for it. Wonderful ....!!!!! Works great

Always missing font, a lot of advertisements, like forcing u to buy premium version Fabulous!

Най-добрата програма на пазара! Редактирам и изпращам файлове в движение! Супер е!!! love it good but some function aboot editing for correcting is not perfect to find easily.if it's is easy in this app comes good to better & then best. Worth a go!

برنامه خوبیه در کل ولی جا واسه بهتر شدنم داره Perfect!

It's a great app! Hard to believe it's free. I feel like I'm working in word. Thank you! Marvelous

سلام.. ای کاش از زبان شیرین فارسی هم در منو کارکرد برنامتون استفاده میکردید... ممنون از برنامه کاربردی و مفیدتون. Brilliant

Yes people of Office Suite, probably a great app for documents and related curriculum although I wish I knew more in-depth structure of these apps. NAVIGATING WITH FULL COMPETENT KNOWLEDGE DEFINITELY WOULD HELP TO ORGANIZE MOST OF YOUR VITAL, esp necessary INFORMATION that will be referred to at a later time, just knowing that you have it. Does the video at the INTRODUCTION have some important but probably only basic "how to's" as our lives are saturated by paperwork. My Brandy 2.... Awesome

Office app is working fine. But, the reminder to upgrade to premium is coming every time when afile is opened. This is very much annoying. Must have

I am very much interested in the app as I receiving many files in the PDF format. Fantastic

Es útil la aplicación para realizar documentos de manera rápida además de poder repasar y/o estudiar archivos importantes, sin embargo, la publicidad llega a ser molesta. Just wow

Best App Suite on Google!!! Thank You, Mobi! Well done. Smooth transitions from .pdf to word processing & back again! Absolutely love it! Excel spreadsheets open Flawlessly!!! Perfect!


Does it all and more, love being able to load my own fonts to my sd card and use them! Well worth the upgrade! wow lol

Everything I need, which includes extensive formatting including tables and footnotes. It works well on my phone and even better on my tablet. Worth it!

Nyc app... But Takes much storage space...!!! Editing of documents must be allowed for free... Enjoy it!

I think the fonts are too small. Many of us don't have a pay plan to get the premium version. Can you do something to add a little bit of the fonts to this version? Thanks for the app. Omg

This is excellent app no need for any type of PC to read out msgs specialy related to MS Office Just wow

No problems yet. Finding it easy to operate. Nice effort. Didn't need to open my laptop for a report I made while going to work. That helped a lot Fabulous!

My Officesuite is my main mobile application for all my docs and office work. I've had a couple of issues after updates have been applied but with the help of their techs all was resolved. Works great

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