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I have this version of the App which I have upgraded to a full license for $19.95. Given that Advertisements no longer appear, I presume that is what occurred. This version enables my using my Samsung Tab Pro 10.1, with a Bluetooth Keyboard, as though it is a Windows Tablet. My particular interest is for Presentation SLIDES and Documents. The features for Slides are certainly adequate, but it could use a "Close" command to enable Slide Files to be shut down. Also, occassionally the Slide Thumb Nails disappear and I cannot determine how to restore them. Thumbnails are a must for me. The rather minimal User Guide states to return / restore the Thumbnails enter into the LANDSCAPE MODE, but it doesn't tell one how to accomplish that result - and the term Landscape does not appear on any of the Ribbons?? Also, it appers to apply themse, one has to have a connection to the Internet. Why are they not downloaded wth system. Other than those items, it is perfect for my needs -- I give presentations on a variety of subjects at the University Level. Keep adding features such as I noted and you shoud be able to acquire users wishing to replace eliance on the far less capable PowerPoint on Android Tablets -- if you're not already, The best PowerPoint replacement on a Samsung Tablet that I have found. Brilliant

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