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Samsung galaxy s4 This is my absolute favorite live wallpaper! It is is incredibly beautiful & the animations are perfect. I really hope the developers continue to make a bunch more live wallpapers as good as this one. Worth it!

Wonderful Wallpaper! I love the beautuful theme and the 3D feel of the water. This is a really awsome live wallpaper. The turtles, crab, and fish move when you touch them, so neat. Also, the fish swim in such a realistic pattern. I wish the light house flashed back and forth at night instead of a steady light. That would be my one suggestion. Hope you will make some more beautiful wallpapers, I will buy them! Surprisingly

Nice A nice ocean wallpaper but it lags a bit on my phone. I like how much you can customize it. Marvelous

Ocean Aquarium 3D Turtle Isle To finish where I left off. I was saying , beautiful color blendes of the different times of day & I loved the plants. At Midnight how nice the Lighthouse looked the Airplane the house so beautifully carved out of stone. All in all thee most intriguing I have ever layed eyes on. Thank you for such beauty. Both the Lost Temple Ocean Aquarium 3D & the Turtle Isle 3D equally unreal. Must see. Sincerely, Mrs. Sharon J. Campbell Must have

By far THE BEST living wallpaper on the market!! I have quite a few living wallpapers that I have purchased but somehow, someway, this is BY FAR the best. STUNNING. Devs, pat yourself on the back. I've never spent $1.49 on any app--I'm glad i tried this one out. The up down scroll function is so amazing and the colors at sunrise and sunset put me in a trance and take me to a place far, far away from the ho-hum workday. Since you are so talented won't you consider one of those sleep apps with wave sounds with this as a background? You'd blow Lightening bug and their boring backgrounds right out of the water with this if you did....I'd be first in line to buy it! thanks for your hard work on this and for making my day a little better.... Great!

Time zone problem. Love the design, but the night scene don't even change even at the 9.59pm, what the hell at a island in middle of sea still have sunset to watch at that time? I donno your country, but mine after 7pm already dark & is in the city, please fix. Pretty good

Looks great :)! However on the galaxy s2 (with the new update) the horizontal panning doesn't seem to work. If you could fix this asap it would be five stars Thanks!. Recommend to install Ocean Aquarium 3D: Turtle Isle APK.

cool its a cool wallpaper. it won't drain your battery either. but once in a while it stops responding and crashes causing my galaxy note to freeze. i then have to wait for the app to load again. not sure what's causing the problem. But its starting to get really annoying Superb!

Good But if you could make the edges a bit more smooth, in your screen shots I thought the turtles were just some cut outs, and it turns out they were animated! Above all though it is possibly the best aquatic live wallpaper out on the market! Anyone considering buying it DO OT! Recommend

Beautiful BUT... Would've given this 5* if the panning works. Wide images are not accessible. The settings don't fully work with the S3. Fabulous!

Looks good but..... Very beautiful wallpaper, looks very nice in my nexus. But not very good in my Galaxy note2. I can't slide the picture horizontally so It didn't look as pretty in Note2 Maybe has something to do with Jelly Bean. Please fix it and you will get my 5 star. Thanks, Go well

BEAUTIFUL !! I love the turtle interaction, and I love the way I can view it any way I please! I also love the white birds. I have grown tired of seeing black birds on every single other app out there. Refreshing! Bravo!. Recommend to download Ocean Aquarium 3D: Turtle Isle APK.

#tablet-wallpaper Cool! Very good on Galaxy Note,please more update in the feature,like fish listing or auto pan camera :).. God job Dev

Please sync local time with the appearance of Sun and Moon Overall this live wallpaper was outstanding, the only set back are sun and moon appearing at the wrong timing.kindly do update for our enjoyment of this application. Thank you:) Enjoy it!

Beautiful Looks amazing! Five stars if you can sync time of day better. Shooting stars for night time! Well done!!

NICE! Give it up for these newfound devs!! *applause goes here* Thanks for some great new LWPs! I just bought this one and the snowboarder one. Awesome graphics! Wish the turtles moved a little more fluid but otherwise great LWP! Awesome

#lock-screen Nice wallpaper! Not bad but the sun/moon doesn't move according to the time. Would be great if it could move, at least change position every hour. Besides that everything is great.

Nice Now this is cool just wish you could make it ocean only I hate starring at the island. Also is it possible that the turtles could actually move? Other than that very impressive thanks. wow lol

Turtle with bug One of the turtles get stretching every time. To up and to sides. Very weird. Please developer, fix it. Thx 5 star

#3d-graphics Beautifully done! Improved my battery usage over other live wallpapers. The most beautiful live wallpaper I have purchased. Very customisable. Well done!

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