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Great game This game would get five stars if the scenes weren't so dark and the items are quite small, also it takes a while to get stars and regenerate energy. Awesome

Mind stimulating I enjoy this game just like i enjoy any crime game. This makes you feel like you are really solving the case Recommend

Not enough There isn't enough scenes. I'm finished with it already. I liked playing it. Also the energy doesn't restore fast enough. Works great

Hidden crimes Have only just started and the hidden object scenes are good but would like some instructions about the tools available and how to use them Well done!!

Items too small and no zoom function. Frustrated to play. Like story line but can't see most objects and some not what the are labeled (string as rope)... Enjoy it!

Natalie Wilson I enjoy the game.. just some objects that are hard to see and you run out of energy to fast, other then that it's a awesome game.. Amazing!

Zoom function & more episodes... Zoom function & more episodes would make this a real great game. I left it installed after completing the 6 episodes in hopes of more. (that was 2 weeks ago) Since then I have been disapointed twice with notices from the game that there were "new cases etc" but I find when I open the game nothing new from when I last completed all 6 original cases. PLEASE ADD NEW CASES!!!! Cool

Fair The game could be much better. Beware, string is shown as rope, and the rope in the picture is not! As no way to get extra hints. You need to pay for it with cash. Recommend

Great game!! I don't like it that they move the hidden objects... I use this game to help my memory, moving things is confusing... But otherwise it's fun... Almost better than CSI game that has so many problems... Go well

Glossy. But complicated. Is real police work like this? Good job I'm not a copper. I'll plug away but I'm losing steam pretty quickly. Fabulous!

Disappointed I love the seek & find & the graphics are great. BUT I've collected all of the stars from the 1st level & the only way I can get to the 2nd level is to either sign up for Facebook & ask my "Friends" or buy my way with gold bars, which would be fine if I had enough. But the only way to get more gold bars is to buy them with REAL money. Both options I refuse to do. So, since I can't get any further in the game, its being uninstalled. Disappointing because I actually like this game. 5 star

I love it Intro was great. Sometimes I feel bored because of energizing. I wait for so much time! wow lol

Casefile Awesome! The artwork looks so life-like, and you are drawn to the story by the realistic dialogue the characters have. Reminds me of Arkham Origins casefiles but with hidden object written all over it. Fun game, highly recommend. Also fun to play offline when you're waiting or are stuck somewhere and gotta pass the time. Flawless

Keeps Me coming Back to play I like this game so much better than the other CSI game because it doesn't take as much energy to play a game nor does it take as much to regain your energy. Not to mention the graphics are so much better. Superb!

Fun game The game is fun and you don't run out of energy as fast as other "hide and seek" games, but having to either add Facebook friends or pay with gold to advance isn't great. All in all it's a fun game to play on your cell when your waiting to pick someone up or sitting at the doctors office. Surprisingly

Confusing and boring No pinch zoom, items are misnamed and therefore unable to be found. Storyline is confusing. Need to pay for hints. Didn't enjoy this game. Perfect!

Interested This is the type of hidden object game I like. Just wish my energy points could be used to buy things or upgrade to a personal avatar. I think when you find the objects that should move you to different part of the board instead of having to use my energy to keep playing the same board. Highly Recommend.

Object list is terrible Seriously, there's a difference between a skate and a skateboard. I like the game, but the clues suck.

Great game Entertaining and addictive! But when you run out of energy it aggravating but hey its part of the game!

Enjoyable Very good, just wish there was more free energy and other ways to enter new levels without having to pay or ask fb friends.. Recommend to take NY: Hidden Crimes APK

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