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Admin. Please decrease the size of the font when app is accessed. Too large to use it. Previous font was stylish as well as adequate of information!! Superb!

Very Useful app,nice refreshed ui. Need to improve real time updates.Then it deserves 5 stars! Just wow

Looking for a any suggestions or the volume of evidence that is the sentence once I have a great day Not bad

Still railways need to go long way ahead, updation is very late in this real time changing world. I believe railways/ntes should go on real time GPS based updation rather than station update. Cool

Too Slow and results are not real. Sometimes train has come to the station and it says reached, Sometimes train at the station but it displays delay or arrived at other station but not departured. Perfect

Doesn't show correct information on spot your train option Everytime it shows wrong information No updates for train delays Worst Updates on train delays departure time and arrival time Marvelous

Good app but it doesn't tell the total number of trains between two displays all trains without a counting Must have

Overall good but we expect live tracking not just based on the predefined time... Thank you!! Muito bom!

There's a bug in 6.2 release, it's clear the all saved bookmarks of train number, schedule ... Superb!

In the upcoming update please add an option to view trains between stations on a particular day. Fabulous!

If a PNR status check and coach position at selected station option were available, it would have been a great help. Also if there were a simple way to pay for and grab a general ticket in any train by train number, it would be a great cashless income source. love it

This app is very usefull for cheking train time and spot the train... and other feature also Good.. live station is best option in this App ... Works perfectly

Its good for train status.. Go well

The app is good but if it had an option to check the pnr status it would have been even better. Works great

Fantastic application, but where is seat availability and pnr status option ? please arrange to provide seat availability option in train between station icon so that Every body may select each train and see accommodation in each train. Well done!!

New update is not good bcz train history for previous date is not showing so can't say how late train reached the previous day... Amazing!

Acha app hai sab patta chal Jata hai train ke bare me b But one thing is that when train is not arrive or departure that time will bling by light so that it was highlighted Flawless

I found bug in this app. Train did not get saved in favorite list. This list always remains empty. wow lol

Nice and precise. But every time updating it , all the information about saved schedule of trains is lost. This is a major drawback. wow lol

इसमें सिर्फ PNR नंबर का ऑप्शन आ जाए तो यह दुनिया का सबसे अच्छा एप्लीकेशन हो जाएगा Surprisingly

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