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Great emulator with a friendly U.I. Though it doesn't save my controller features very well. So a better memory on that would be preferable. Worth it!

Games run perfectly, visuals are crisp and clean, and it is easy to use; best phone nes emulator by far. Well done!!

Great emulator. Favt it searches for it's own ROMS on your device is a nice touch. Amazing!

Love it better then future games, love old games they have the best graphics!!!! Brilliant

It's great game love it

Great app I love the idea but it kind of sucks when it changes personal things on your phone like changing what your keyboard looks like and maybe this is something that just happened to happened when my phone updated or something but right after I downloaded this app my keyboard changed my background change my settings changed so maybe it's just a cuincadence but if not that suck other wise perfect app Brilliant

This nes emulater is the best.if you ever owned a nes then this is the app for you. Fabulous!

I kind of like it but one time an ad popped up I thought it was going to be a NORMAL ad but it was gross things Good

I like this emulator. It is my fav. But 2 major suggestions to the dev team.. 1. Pls improve UI and provide option of themes. Current one Blue is too simple n outdated. 2. The famous 64 in 1 rom shows error in most of games. Goonies, Fast Mario, Excite Bike and many other. Similarly in 110 in 1 and few other ROMs give same issue. Can you pls look into it.Thanks. Great job

I will likely get the paid app because I like it-- and I want to support the Android app ecosystem. Fantastic

Controls are somewhat uncomfortable and sometimes don't work as pressed. Other than that an amazing experience Worth a go!

Why can't Cheats work it only work for one time. How else can I beat the legend of Zelda. the first one made 1983. Can't even go invincibility .yeah bro that sucks cuz I'm on a mission to play Nintendo Franchises cuz how can I love something if I don't know more about it but these past months I know a lot month. I started this" mission" in about middle last year. Its so fun my boy aslo cuz of this mission I gladly know emulators and roms so Thanks my boys. Aslo forgot about that problem that I had my boy. Aslo this is emulator is good one of the Franchises I played was Kirby I played it on here and I like it Amazing!

I love it I've never played nes games until now and I love it controls are solid and easy to use Pretty good

This emulator isn't allowing me to press/hold more than two buttons at the same time! That sucks! The games run fast by the way! Nice try though! :) Omg

These games are very nice I remember my childhood time and I feel very nice then I play these games.... Great job

Great i gave it to my father an he played tecmo bowl for 2 hours once he got his hands on it Works great

Why 5 stars you say? Even it doesn't have free ROMs with it. I have full control on which NES games i would play, which are dear to me and have lots of awesome memories. I can remove games that i dont want, add which one I want. No presaved roms here which I really preferred. Perfect

Great UI, very customizable, runs on anything! Very good emulator, also, being free is a huge plus! Awesome

Only been playing the Final Fantasy I & II, but the meulator works great and doesn't wear on my battery too much! Must have

Excellent emulator. Please make more with same styling and options. The scan for games feature is awesome. Id like all my emulators to be from you. Better yet, make an all in one emulator for all those mainstream retros. I would pay for that. Omg

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