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Works on its own and automatically resets counter every night, and is easy to use. But where it really shines is that it doesn't need Location services to be on, and therefore it saves a lot of battery (and is better in terms of privacy, if that concerns you). Pretty good

I have used this app earlier, possibly earlier release, on a different phone and it worked like a charm then. However having it installed on my current phone, I don't get any reading for most of the days and just for some random day it shows just few step count, when I know that it has to be much much more than the displayed figures. Guess some bug which needs to be found and fixed. Enjoy it!

6/17/16- The support teams suggestions don't work. I'm very disappointed in this app & the svc. 9/5/16- I'm using an S8 an back online but all the features are not working. 11/26/17-Ive tried using the app and my profile won't update. This very disappointing Pretty good

Pretty good and pleasingly simple - it tells you how many steps you've walked and nothing more, which is exactly what I wanted - but it's not always accurate: sometimes I'll walk half an hour and the app registers nothing. BUT - I don't know if the problem is with the app or my phone, or even because the phone's in my bag. Fantastic

Like it I like this app because I have my phone always with me I just wish it would translate my steps to my fitness pal otherwise it's great not having to pay for a separate device. Fabulous!

Stopped working reliably on oneplus2. Widget freezes at midnight not resetting to zero and not counting next days steps. Could do with a way to import data from an old phone. Muito bom!

Love it - lost weight with it - great app I use Noom in tandem with Noom Walk and Cardio Trainer. I did pay version.Tips like Weight Watchers fraction of $$. Used 5 yrs/ lost 25 lbs. and kept off. Noom tracks water, food, walking (pedometer A+++), excercise, blood pressure and more. Cardio Trainer has a cool map that will use your history to show you how far you would have walked had you combined all your steps Perfect

I like this app but I wish it had more features. Calories burned, miles, gps, etc. It's fairly accurate and the interaction with other users is motivating. Recommend

Tracks the # of daily steps. And it even highlights the outstanding days where I more than doubled the recommended 10,000. Steps are tracked and tallied daily beginning at midnight as long as the phone is on. But the app has to be open in order for it to start counting. If both the mobile device and App is open, each recorded step seems to be accounted for. Even counts steps while bicycling. I'm sure the numbers are not perfect but the App provides a pretty good idea of how much we're walking daily. Just wow

Noom Walks Rocks I love this App! It makes me want to walk. It's like I'm in competition with myself. I know most of these Walking Apps miscalculate the steps, but I've lost 21lbs since June by making sure to walk 15,000 steps a day. Fantastic

it does one thing well, with no bells or whistles and very low resource use, and that's the key to it's success. keep it simple, stupid. i wouldn't mind fewer exhortations to use its other products, though. i'm well aware of them, but uninterested. 5 star

Like how automatic this app is. I've compared its step counts with both Omron's pedometer and Garmin's Fenix 3. On a Samsung Galaxy S3 these three devices produced remarkably similar step counts. I recently converted the S3 to a Samsung Galaxy S8+, and was very surprised when the step counts reported by Noom Walk roughly doubled from those with the S3 (and the Omron and Garmin devices). Must have

Just started using app. Easy to use! It does not drain your battery. You can track yours and friends workout. Fun ! Cool

Simple Convenience I do not need one more item in my pocket or attached to my body or clothing. But I do need a reminder to stay active during the day. This app meets those needs. It was simple to get started. And It seems to have quickly figured out how to accurately detect my steps. Works great

I guess they've made some improvements. Works more reliably that I remember. It's a useful way to track your steps if you are in the habit of carrying your phone. Haven't tried all the features so I don't have a comment on them now. Highly Recommend.

This app was great on my last phone but since I upgraded to the Motorola Moto the step counts are way high. I don't know if it's the phone or Android 7. I know the counts on the old phone were at least fairly accurate. Not on this phone. Worth a go!

I enjoy following (approximately) how many steps I've taken each day and comparing to my steps on other days and my friends. One walked over 24,000 yesterday! Superb!

UI should be improved. Options to see how much weight loss...calorie etc should be visible simultaneously. Add a reminder option for long inactivity or set by user. Perfect

Stepping out... Can't manually input steps when phone is charging and you are walking without it. Have pedometer. Need to be able to manually input steps from pedometer or transfer some way.. otherwise, great addition to noom coach! wow lol

Really good one, search no further I guess this is the only app that allows you to adjust/ modify steps walked, not that the steps sensed is wrong, but allows you to add steps that you took without your mobile phone with you. Look no further Perfect!

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