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I like the app , i just wish they would reserve more of the sneakers that i want reserved. wow lol

Its just exactly how you want your Nike shopping experience, simple, great images. The only thing you can't do is try things on! Amazing!

Love this app so much, being a massive nike fan since the age of 8, I've tried keeping up to date with retro and new releases, this app has helped me do so, just wish I could do better in your draws, long live Nike Omg

amazing you have sooooo much control it sends you emails to say when new shoes are dropping if you can read this install it now (if you like nikes ,which are hard not to like!) Good

I this app it is my favorite brand an i love buying really cool an good stuff off of it Perfect!

I think the representatives here are really nice to talk to and i love the easy access of search other shoes and accessories because i think anybody would love this app if your into sports or running Must have

Slick, fast useful tech, allows you to see everything Nike has to offer. The ability to design your own trainers is awesome. Store locator makes visiting the nearest Nike store really easy. Tracking your online orders makes the wait for your online orders bearable, just. A must have app if you love Nike products. wow lol

Overall a good app. Sucks when a popular shoe releases and all of a sudden it wants you to reload your info at purchase Works great

Good for finding what you want and makes finding way easier but don't know what to do when you want a shoe but you don't know the name of. Fabulous!

Everything Nike does is a slam dunk. The app is easy to use, convenient and love the little details like shipping updates straight to my phone notification instead of my email. Go well

Omg....I LOVE this app. It allows me to design my own shoes and it's perfect for gifts or for friends. It has alot of Recommend

It's very difficult purchasing certain items. Need to make it a little more simple Works perfectly

The app is great. It keeps me updated on all the upcoming shoe and apparel releases and is custom tailored for myself or any user. Great!

Reserves are all the wack sneakers you won't buy... also the fact that all draws I've entered in 2yrs all took L's... flawed system... nike app and snkrs app are not fair to nonbots and resellers... just like there physical Nike clearance stores... Good

Stock seems to be a problem and a lot of the customizable shoes are limited to odd colors but other than that the selection of stuff is pretty good Recommend

So far I love this app if my stuff isn't on time it's early and they send you out a return label every time perfect fit thank you muah Great!

love this app...perfect for shopping and getting the latest sneakers...and perfect on getting release dates also!!!!! Must have

This app allows you to do everything you can on the Nike website including browsing the hundreds of products and being able to purchase with ease. The profile also allows you to like and save specific products you like and the feed provides you with news and information you might not have otherwise seen. The app however does have a few issues in navigation. When searching products, to get back to the home screen you'd have to keep pressing back multiple times if you searched multiple items. A menu bar would be a great improvement to have. Great job

You have to know what your doing to get the hot releases. But it's a good app. Same prices as in the malls. Fantastic

Really awesome streamlined app with IM directly to customer service reps. I do really wish it had a size chart option so I didn't have to switch to my web browser. But other than that pretty damn good. Fantastic

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