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Personally Love this app. Can't always get to the gym due to my work locations, only thing is if your an absolute beginner, then beginner excersises may be tough, so maybe if they added some variations for easier actions and tracked that improvement then would give full 5 stars. Also great thing is it pairs with the Nike Run app which also deserves a download! Just wow

This is the best app for working out. its very simple and the workout plans are well organized. It comes with videos how to do them properly and many workout plans according to your schedule and goals. Cheers to the Nike team for making an aboslutely perfect app Omg

Full of amazing content that is really engaging enough to make a workout smooth. I strongly think that a cast button (not mirroring) would make this app go to the next level Must have

Love that I can edit my schedule to workout when convenient for me or if I have a last minute appt or something Amazing!

A perfect one if you wanna try an indoor exercise. It keeps you motivated and helps you improve yourself. Marvelous

Well done nike, more HIIT and Boxing/Martial arts workouts would be the cherry on the cake! Great!

Great workout and very informative narrative to guide you through it. I find it very good for those who don't like going to the gym but still want to workout as you can find very effective and intense programs. However I do not like the yoga, I think the "beginner" ones are not for actual beginners. If you are completely new to yoga then you will struggle and possibly end up injuring yourself. Surprisingly

I am rapt with this app...have used this in conjunction with Nike Run Club. They have integrated seamlessly. I've used a personalised plan with 3-4 workouts a week as well as walking on workout days and running on days off. I've gone from 101kg to 89kg in 13 weeks. Had no technical issues with the app either. Very intuitive to use. Cannot give enough props for this app Well done!!

An amazing app. Personal workout plans for everyone. I got many good results out of this app. Please download. Can do many things for free. Works perfectly

I love it! It really motivates me. Must need app for those who are trying to be fit. Cool

Helped me go from 106 kgs to 99 kgs in 24 days. Enough Said. Brilliant app combined with the Nike + Run Club. 7 kilos in 24 days. Fantastic! 5 star

The "My Plan" feature is great but it doesn't record my workouts accurately. If I sign out of the app, the plan changes. The activity feed tracks everything accurately, though. The workouts are great overall. Fabulous!

Exactly what I was looking for. Do not spend your valuable money for other useless fitness apps. This is the most fantastic app I've ever experienced. Recommend

The workouts are challenging but not overwhelming. They are well designed and well produced.The customizable plans adjust to your performance which is great! I am seeing and feeling results after just 2 weeks! Good

The app is nice but it logged an activity as completed even though I haven't done it and I can't get rid of the log. Perfect!

Overall the app is great, and I like the options to re-arrange the schedule. However I miss a lot of the ntc classic workouts and their appearance in the training plan over the newer workouts. I also miss the option to replace certain exercises in a workout. Fabulous!

Great motivation, great explanations, and a magnificent training. I feel so strong physically and mentally after every workout. What a legendary application. Go well

Great app in all aspect. loved it. Challenging. Nice user interface. I've got so much motivation to workout. No ads. It's totally free. Recommended app to push your limits even at your home! Well done!!

I really really enjoy this app for my working out, however there really isn't many ab or glute exercise plans. I really wish there was more! Good

The training plans seem nice, but there's a noticeable lack of customizability. It would be nice to be able to tell it to exclude certain movements or exercises for injuries. Also, it pauses any time your screen goes off. So the app basically forces you to leave your screen on for 45 minutes for the whole workout. There should be a lockscreen method for moving on to the next exercise. Also, lack of Gear watch support and Samsung health integration is annoying. Muito bom!

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