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Overall, this app is great. It's very easy to use and even notifies you on any sneaker you've been anticipating. As a sneakerhead such as myself, my only problem is that the app takes quite a few seconds to load. My only recommendation is to maybe change that as sneaker releases that I'm trying to get are timed. Therefore, I would not want to wait for a few long seconds as the clock is ticking to purchased a released shoe. It's aggravating that I even have to wait a few seconds for the app to load the news feed. All in all, that is why I gave the app 4 stars instead of 5. Keeping in mind, I have a Samsung S7 Edge. Omg

I've been using the SNKRS app for a while now. Super easy to use. The app remembers all of your info do you don't have to keep putting it in, which is useful when you are trying to be one of the first to get a pair of shoes. Muito bom!

So I made a few purchases and it's hassle free but when rare shoes come up it's impossible to get them 3 times I've purchased shoes 30 seconds after they went on sale and I did not get them. Very very frustrating. The draws forget it haven't been chosen for a single one. Fabulous!

I've order several pairs of shoes and I haven't had any problems with receiving my orders. Its great! Perfect

I love it... Notification on when the kicks u want are ready to buy is a great feature. Awesome

Very easy to use and it also tells you when they're are releasing new sneakers. Don't have to wait in line just order it online. Recommend

It's lit when you got the shoe but sometimes it put you on pending and does not give it to you. But it's ight. On release dates Brilliant

This app has been great to me.So to anybody trying to purchase shoes from nike directly this is a great app. Flawless

The app is ok in that it let's you search and buy shoes however the notification feature is broken. I hit "Notify Me" on every shoe that I'm interested in and have the notifications set to on at 1 week, 1 day, and 15 mins prior to release and yet I NEVER get a notification on my phone. Not sure if the notification is supposed to be a push notification but that is what I understand it to be. Brilliant

Simple and easy to use.. I love the fact you can set notifications for upcoming releases. Awesome

I love this app they fast all the way around Superb!

Great can be a little confusing trying to get to your orders. Even after doing it a few times. If u wanna change/check/cancel, 1.U have to go to Inbox tab on bottom of screen, (which won't show it like u thought) and then if u don't look at complete top of screen and in Small black letters, u won't notice there are 2 tabs saying Inbox and Purchases. 2.U have to select "Purchases" obviously. But u can go a little nuts going to Profile/Inbox/selecting "purchased" on sneakers/Feed/back n forth etc, Trying to find ur purchase to modify/cancel/track etc. That's my only qualm. A better layout/way to get there. Maybe a separate tab on bottom. Cool

never have issue's with the app tbh. maybe it's Just me, but I hit most of the time on it. Omg

Well I long awaited the availability of this app on the Japanese Play store market. But because of my first registration in 2008 via web on snkrs USA, and because I used the same email to register here in Japan, when I log in it only shows me the USA snkrs market, without the possibility to switch to the Japanese one. Between the two, I'd rather keep the Japanese one since I have lot of purchases already. Would be great to be able to switch in app. Sadly I never bought anything on the USA snkrs market, but since I live in Japan I bought from the Japanese web site and would like to keep all my purchases list, eventually deleting the mail from the USA one. Would that be possible? Surprisingly

I love it I don't even go to the mall for shoes anymore I can buy them while at work but you literally have to be on the app when they drop or you might miss your size anything after 20min after the drop your out of gas them mf's go be gone!!! Flawless

Today was different the app ran smoothly!!! I still don't know how well it runs when there's extremely hyped releases though. Highly Recommend.

Friend showed me a air max shoe and told me about this app 20mins before shoe dropped. Sign up hit the the button for shoe right at release and got a new pair of air Max's was super excited. Crazy part is my friend was way to slow and didn't ha lol love this app Flawless

This is my 3 pair so far for my son. Missed out on the pair for myself Great!

I love the app other than it stopped sending me reminders for when shoes are about to drop. Thats the whole point of the app. Ive missed out on many shoes because no one reminded me. Worth a go!

I've been using this app for quite some time and it's great. Shoes are easy to find, no lines, fast checkout and shipping. The only gripe I have, is the fact that there's not enough tickets or shoes available for special drop dates and times for certain shoes. Muito bom!

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