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Worth the purchase for multiple profiles & the customized settings. Very stable and never any problems; except rarely the widget sticks the phone into silent mode even when it's not showing active. In that case toggling the widget on and off again fixes it. Very easy app to use. Pretty good

This app works great. I've been using it for years. White list the fault that needs to get a hold of you in the middle of the night, and the rest of the callers go straight to voice mail. The phone doesn't even light up the screen, you'll have no idea you fit a call or text unless you wake up the phone. Great!

This app rejects calls, silencing ring tones sms notifications for unwanted calls and texts, when you want, while still allowing people on your predetermined white list (family, friends) to contact you at any time. For its complexity, it is above average intuitive. It is outstanding in flexibility: you can silence/ resume what apps you want, when you want. It is dependable..No crashes. It will even send an sms to blocked texters. Awesome

It used to be great. Worked as it should all the time. Lately it is not on/off at the correct time or not putting through calls from my white list. Well done!!

Doesn't always work, so can't love it. Also can't get it to just vibrate for the a few hours of late evening. Works great

When it doesn't automatically turn itself off, it works great. It will, from time to time, just turn itself off, and then I get awoken from a stupid telemarketer. Works great when it's turned on. I guess the best advice I could give is to make sure the app is on before going to sleep. Well done!!

Amazing app. Have weird sleep hours and this makes sure I get quiet I need to sleep but also makes it so I don't miss an important call. Just wow

Really very, very, helpful at screening out the noise without becoming completely unavailable. Thanks so much! Good

Does exactly what it says, allows automatically turn notifications on or of and still allow calls from your selected contacts, have used this for over 6 months, no problems, just have to remember to alter times if you need phone to ring after your normal sleep times . Great job

Only just scrapes in with okay. You can allow certain people to contact you, through the white light settings, but nobody can be nominated to text. As a shift worker being able to be gotten hold of is important, well we all may need to be contacted regardless of when we work. Doubt if I'll keep this app long Works perfectly

Widget does not work properly. When selected it brings up a confirmation screen as expected. But if the 'cancel' button is now selected , it goes into silent mode regardless instead of cancelling the operation. Good

I think it's one of the best silent mode apps out there. One annoyance for me though is that if a whitelisted contact rings, the app disables vibrate even though I have it enabled in system settings. Flawless

I tried this application to replace CritiCall, because it stopped working for me (don't know why, exactly). Although it's activating fine (CritiCall wasn't), this application could be more straightforward regarding descriptions. I don't know what "Normal Mode" is, for example. I just want it to change my phone to silent in a determined time and, a few hours later, turn it back to vibrate only. Is this what "Normal Mode" does? It's not clear to me. So, I suggest the developer to tweak the user interface a little more, so the user won't have to keep doing trial and error in order to understand what the software can or cannot do. Worth it!

It sometimes doesn't turn on like it is programmed by profile set up to do. Disappointing. Recommend

I needed something to prevent clients from waking me with 3 am text messages and email. This worked great. Simple and does what I need wow lol

Works well but when I turn it on I keep getting the pop up asking if I want to dismiss it. I get him so many times. How do I stop that? Marvelous

Several times have missed calls as a result of alarms not being switched back on automatically.. Easy to switch alarms on again once you know to check they might not have been automatically turned back on. Just wow

It's a great app. I only wanted to have more than one profile active in the free version. Ok. Maybe I should pay, its worth it. Not bad

I love the fact that it automatically silences itself during the hours I tell it to. But I don't like that texts from my white list don't notify me even tho I have it set to. Worth a go!

Good app to keep night time quiet as quite time. Disconnect the world from intruding into rest time. Enjoy it!

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