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Love this game I don't normally buy games without playing the demo 1st to see if I like it. I didn't see the demo option for this 1 (although there is 1) but liked the read up so decided to try it. So glad I did it's the best game ive bought. Surprisingly

NIGHT AT THE OPERA Love it! ❤ Good

Отличная игра Игра очень понравилась. Немного отличается от обычных искалок, но и хотелось чего-то необычного. В игре очень много мини игр, которые заставляют подумать. Также интересные локации. Игра стоит своих денег.

Nice game Nice puzzles. I like that it has a criminal case that's interesting but plenty of hints if you get stuck

Nice puzzles This is a very fun search game and not as easy as some I have played. Recommended to all

This game was great! Best puzzle game yet! I play a lot of games like this one, but this really is the best so far. I like the storyline, how spooky it is, and the numerous hidden object games. I'm looking forward to part 2!

Like I really liked this game. If you are into the really difficult puzzles this isn't for you. Very relaxing. Puzzles just enough to make you think


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